Warning ! Fake Coco Cabas Has Arrived !

  1. I haven't seen any on ebay yet but , then again , I haven't been looking . These look pretty crappy but I'm sure they'll get better . I had to add a pic of the gold bowler , too funny not to .
    1-1.jpg 1-2.jpg 1-3.jpg 1-4.jpg 1.jpg
  2. no comment to how fake the lux line bowler looks =D
  3. Gross! They all look disgusting!
  4. wow. that was fast.

    eurgh. awful stuff though...
  5. :yucky: Not only are fakes ugly, but eBay gets so flooded with them.
  6. ^ I LOOOOVVVEEE the fake gold bowler , though ! It is TDF . ROFLMAO , at it actually ! It's so hideous its funny . Gosh , you could blind someone with that nasty thing .
  7. ^ You know whats funny ? I think she stole the pics of the inside of the bag . Not funny , actually . Isn't the makeup bag supposed to be satin ?

    I just noticed the one bidder on this item has 0 feedback and registered last week . Hmmmm...:rolleyes:
  8. Sadly Enough, The Fakes Start Before, The Bag Is Even Out. :sad:

    The Bag Was At $1000.....So Very Sad For The Buyer.
  9. yes i saw that on ebay! i wanted to email the buyer and warn them that it was a fake but i really don't know what the ebay regulations are on that? so sad for the buyer! 1K gone!
  10. they're all hideous!
  11. Awful! :yucky:
  12. Wowzerz, those are really bad.
  13. Yeah...I saw a lady toting it around like nothing at a NM last week. It's hideous...I couldn't believe it...I can't stand it when women wear fake handbags...if you can't get the real thing, don't get it..right?
  14. wut?!? at which NM?