Warning>>>>don't click if ..........

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  1. Just kidding..:P....Do these words make you even more curious to take a look?

    Threads that I wouldn't normally be interested in...... When it says the word WARNING, Out of curiosity I always seem to look .... either i get grossed out or I get a big laugh!! what about you?
  2. I belong to another forum who had a title of "deleted - don't bother reading" had the highest read count on the site. It is human nature.
  3. Yes. And I am disappointed you have nothing disgusting for me to see :tdown:

    If a programme has a trailer with a warning of scenes that may upset/shock viewers, I will be much more likely to watch it. :graucho:
  4. I was hoping for something good! :graucho:
  5. It's human nature to be currious about things that are "forbidden" :smile: Just like when you were a kid, your mom told you not to do something - so you wanted to do it even more!
  6. I was being nosy, the fact that it said DONT made me want to even more!Lol!
  7. Looks like we came in here didn't we... haha.
  8. Got me - hee hee:smile:
  9. Can Vlad check to see how many hits this gets? I'll bet it will top them all in this section. You got us all. :smile:
  10. Well I cetainly looked. lol
  11. The reason I asked you guys about the WARNING word is because of a thread started in Health and Fitness section ........honestly I don't look at every thread but the one about the wash your Bras and Undies made me realy curious so I clicked...................Wish I didn't, but I did and it made me wonder if it was just me or does anyone else get exta-curious when this word or NSFW appears in the thread title.
    oh BTW ......if you don't have a strong stomach don't click that thread.......A serious gross warning for that thread .....for sure!!
  12. Wot - No manky tits :shrugs:

    Don't you just love human nature! :yahoo:we can never resist the Pandora's box scenario :roflmfao:
  13. I opened this thread but by-passed the one in the Health and Fitness section - I am not that curious.....

    but I really like this one - very funny.
  14. the headline certainly got my attention...haha.

  15. :throwup: ack I shouldnt of gone in there!!! Darn curiousity!