WARNING: Do not purchase from Lugaway

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  1. Hi Ladies -

    I just noticed that a rip-off website has resurfaced again. Earlier this year (before I was a member here on tpf) I thought I found a legitimate website that sold Coach products.

    They had a slim duffle that I was interested in, because I couldn't find it in any Coach stores (that should have been a big clue!) I even called and talked to the people twice before I purchased from them, since they had a "no-return" policy.. They were very nice and assured me they sold legitimate products. When I asked how they could sell at such a discounted price, they said they got "seconds"...purses that had imprints wrong, stitching wrong, etc. (I've since found out from Coach that they do not give their bags to places such as this.)

    I ordered the $139 Slim Duffle and received the nastiest, most plastic rip-off bag I'd ever seen in my life!

    I freaked out and immediately called the company. Their first question to me was: "How do you know it is fake?!" I told them that since I already owned several Coach products I could tell it wasn't leather, the fabric was cheap as well as the zipper. It wasn't even quality worthy of an outlet store AND it came wrapped in a plastic bag!!!

    To my surprise, they immediately refunded my money in full. Within minutes I had a "Form" email sent to me stating that they recently had problems with their "supplier" and regretted the fact that I had received a fake item. They told me to hang on to the bag until I heard from them again...to NOT send it back to the address it came from! (It was shipped from a person with a California address while the company is in New Jersey.)

    Anyhow, a month or so passes and all of a sudden, I get an email from them, with instructions to mail the bag to some other person in the New York area! I told them that they needed to send a call tag, or to pay for shipping, since I wasn't going to do it.

    The owner and I started going back and forth with emails. He said he had no way to send a call tag but I would be "reimbursed" for any return shipping charges. I told him that since he had sent me a fake bag, it was not my responsibility to pay for return shipping. He told me: "How dare you claim that we sold you a fake bag!" Yeah, right buddy. He even said that I was being dishonest for not returning the bag!

    This went back and forth for at least two weeks. He kept "threatening" to remove the credit from my AmEx card and saying he would tell them that I refused to return his property. I gave him many suggestions...pay me through Pay Pal for the shipping, etc., he said he couldn't do any of these things.

    I finally spent the $6 to send the purse back to them and to this day the a**hole still has not reimbursed me.

    The website was still there but after this fiasco they pulled all their Coach items for a long, long time. I happened to find their link, in my old saved file, and clicked on it today. They are selling fake Coach bags again.

    I did report them to AmEx's fraudulent business practices division. If they are selling fake bags, they should not be able to take credit cards as a merchant.

    Anyhow, "heads up" ladies...spend your money wisely and NOT with Lugaway.
  2. That is a horrible experience ! In my opinion, the only way to know that you are getting an authentic product is to buy directly from the source. Coach NEVER allows their product to be sold by unauthorized dealers. Even on eBay you have more of a chance of buying an authentic product but any website that claims that they sell coach other than Coach.com, I would stay away from because Coach would never supply these people. I hope you get your shipping money back !
  3. I just looked at that site...a lot of their bags aren't too far off from the actual price! They have a "Carly" for $239!! :cursing:
  4. at least now they do say that they aren't real bags on their website:

    Are these bags Authentic?
    They are NOT the actual authentic bags of the respected manufacturer's.
    Even though all of our bags have the proper labeling in all the correct places, lining, locks and keys (where applicable) and high quality hardware for an enhanced authentic look that closely resembles the original. They are simply intended to be used for entertainment or educational and novelty purposes only.
    What Are Replica Goods?

    Replica Goods are products that are modeled as the original. There are many Grades of replica, depending on the material and workmanship. All replica goods sold by FunkyAndHot.com are absolute best quality replicas available on the market.
  5. Thats about how much I paid for mine with PCE discount! Thats horrible.
  6. Yea, if you search up that name at google, alot of articles pop already stating they are scamming people.
  7. EW. Some of their stuff 'looks' real at first glance, but EW EW EW EW EW...once you look again it's like...WTF? And some of the stuff that looks super real is probably photos they stole from somewhere.