Warning: cuteness meter overload!

  1. Here is the latest addition to our zoo nursery. She is a 4 day old red flanked duiker. they live in central african rain forest regions. she pretty much fits in the palm of your hand. she is so smart and I just can't get enough of her. I just took these today:

    red duiker baby.jpg

    here she is with Chelsea, an adolescent black duiker:
    chelsea with baby.jpg

    and here she is chilling out while Chelsea chows down and the young gerenuk try to figure her out. shortly after this was taken, she got up and chased them away!
    duiker and gerenuk.jpg
    shes a little pistol!
  2. what a cutieeee! :cutesy:
  3. so cuuute!
  4. she is adorable!!!:heart:
  5. How adorable!
  6. She's so TINY!!! And absolutely adorable :tender: Those pics made my night, thanks for sharing!
  7. Oh my GOSH! She is absolutely precious. I've never even heard of a duiker before!

    She is sooo sweet! :tender:
  8. How adorable! You're so lucky to get to work with animals, bagnshoo!
  9. She is SO TINY!!!
  10. She's beautiful. Thanks for sharing.:heart:
  11. Aww, she is so adorable!
  12. Oh my gosh!!! She is the cutest thing ever!!! I think we have those in our zoo here......those eyes!!! and eyelashes! gorgeous.
  13. she is SOOOO Cute... really tiny tooo!!!
  14. tehehe!! What a cutie!!
  15. adorable!