Warning...Chanel pearls

  1. I just purchased one of the classic pearl strands. I sprayed perfume on my neck and then put the pearls on. I guess my neck was still damp and some of the "pearl" coating started to peel off!It felt sticky. I was totally surprised as I have other faux pearls and this has never happened before. I am going to exchange them today and get another pair because I really like them. I just wanted everyone to be careful with them.
  2. Thanks for the warning! Hope the exchange goes well :yes:
  3. wow, that's good to know. can't believe that happened! good luck with your exchange!
  4. Yikes !! :wtf: Hope you are able to exchange them !:yes:
  5. Thank you for the warning! I have 3 sets of Chanel pearls, so I will have to be very careful. Let us know what they say when you return them. :yes:
  6. Thank you for the warning !!!
    I only have real pearls (and I'm very careful with perfume when I wear my strands)...
    I thought Faux pearls were perfume-proof...
  7. So did I !
  8. Thanks for the info. I'm thinking of buying Chanel pearls and I have a question about the durability. Over time, do the knots darken? If so, can you have the pearls restrung at Chanel? Thanks.
  9. That's a good question. Funny you should ask about the knots... I was bored while waiting for someone today (with nothing to read) and found myself inspecting the Chanel classic strand that I happened to be wearing. They are strung like real pearls and knotted in-between, so I suppose if real pearls don't darken, why would these? Mine have not, so far.
  10. Pearls are so sensitive but I love them regardless. Thanks for the warning.
  11. Thanks for the warning!!! I just ordered a Chanel pearl necklace, so it's really good to know!!!
  12. Will Chanel exchange them for something you did to damage them? Is that even the right thing to expect--I mean you caused the damage. Is it fair to expect a retailer to exchange for damage a customer does????
  13. im sorry to hear about your pearls! :sad:
  14. I've lost charms on my chanel bracelets before and when I take it in to get fixed they just give me a new one. Chanel is really good w/customer service.
  15. The point is, they shouldn't be peeling, especially at Chanel's price point for costume jewelry.