Warning - BUY IT NOW Fraudsters Are Back!!!

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  1. Ebay is once again getting listings for VERY expensive handbags being listed in volume by scammers apparently using HIJACKED accounts. Those of you who were using Ebay last year will probably remember them - one-day Buy It Now listings for LV, Chanel, Balenciaga, Dior, Coach, any designer name you can think of, for ridiculously low prices and high shipping costs. The pictures are stolen from other sellers and sometimes even photos from counterfeit listings are used The crooks don't care since they're not going to send anything anyway, and if they do actually send a bag it won't look anything like the photos, it will be a cheap piece of plastic junk.

    Ebay said last year they were eliminating one-day BIN auctions but it seems they're back again and so are the crooks. They usually word the listings in a way that prevents the designer name coming up in Ebay's filters, either by deliberate misspellings or by using characters like asterisks in the name. The accounts they hijack have usually been dormant for at least a few months and they use the same template for all their auctions. They usually list them on weekends when Ebay is shorthanded, starting Friday morning.

    Here's an example, although I hope this one will have been removed by the time everyone reads it:

    PLEASE watch for these! They should be reported both under the Fraud link and also as possible Hijacked accounts where you can report just using the hijacked ID without having to copy all the auction numbers. Here's the links for both:

    HIJACKED ACCOUNTS - click "unauthorized account activity"

    Fraud - click on Fraudulent Listings and then You suspect an item is fraudulent

    In the fraud report you'll have to list some auction numbers but in the other box, put something like:

    FRAUD-TYPE AUCTION, HIJACKED ACCOUNT, stolen pictures, BIN one-day auction, obviously fraudulent prices, Excessive shipping, change in buying pattern on dormant account,

    Please cancel all of the seller's auctions and suspend this account - hijacked account!

    For those of you who haven't seen them before, here are a few examples

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  2. Thanks for the info!
  3. OMG! Thanks for the warning Hyacinth!
  4. Thanks for putting the word out. It's sickening. Ebay wil implode if management doesn't take steps to rein in the scammers.:s
  5. Wow! Ebay already removed it!!!! :yahoo: Either that, or it ended already?
    Either way, thanks for the heads up!
  6. The first ID's already been NARU'd but this is one of the headings they seem to be using, :

    "New Authentic Cc Purse /Handbag / Bag"

    Enter that with the quotation marks into Ebay's Search field and more will probably show up. The first mass listing for LV's is gone, but now it's Chanel's turn


    At least two more IDs have been hijacked, and this could go on all weekend.

  7. Thanks for this!! Great to see other people doing their bit :smile:
  8. Thanks so much for posting this!
  9. thanks for being on the lookout!
  10. Wow...thanks for the heads-up!! :yes:
  11. Thanks for this! I get more info from this board than from ebay.
  12. Geez thanks for the info!
  13. Oh No Not Again!!!!
  14. Thanks for the heads up
  15. A wave of these rolled through Balenciaga a few days ago. When you clicked on the sellers' prior feedback it was all for items (like baseball cards) entirely unrelated to the category~a big warning sign of a hijacked account.
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