WARNING: beware spoof PayPal emails...

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  1. I received 2 emails from 'PayPal'; titled 'Update your records to avoid suspension'

    I clicked on the link & the Paypal homepage looked correct but they were asking for all my bank info., pins, driving licence etc... I thought it was suspcious then noticed the web address was www.nstarpin.com but all the hyperlinks on the page actually go into paypal.com.

    I realised it was a spoof & forwarded the emails to spoof@paypal.com

    Paypal confirmed it is a spoof of a company trying to steal identities & financial information. :busted

    Just wanted to warn everyone 'cause it can look convincing at first! :confused1:
  2. Hello thanks for heads-up and inform us :smile: Fortunately you didn't click nor respond them.
  3. ah, i got one of those.
    thanks for reminding us to keep our eyes open!
  4. Yes... just aswell, I mean you can replace your cards but if someone steals your identity that's not good, it happened to a friend of mine & the fraudster even managed to get a passport with his own photo & my friend's identity!!! Scary!!! :shocked: He found out after 3 years because he was black listed for credit because of the other guy!!! :hrmm:

    Being excited to buy a bag on eBay with PayPal I took this email seriously at first... :lecture:
  5. would be good to forward it to Paypal. The coding was very clever - I checked the email header & it was paypal.com - didn't know they could do that :confused1:

    I've had a couple of dodgy second chance offers on eBay but the header was wrong so I knew instantly they were fake :yes:
  6. I received one also. Mine said "Your account has been limited, please click here". I went straight to the paypal website to login into my account. There was no message there, so I forwarded it to paypal. Paypal replied telling me it was a fake email. Thank goodness I didn't click on that link in the email.
  7. This has been happening since PayPal started.
    Always good to remind people. Especially new people to PayPal!
  8. I get at least one of those a day and always forward them to Paypal. Those people never give up.
  9. I have started to get e-mails saying I am in a dispute with some seller I have never heard of and asking me to log in...another scam
  10. I just received an email from Paypal that said I should update my CC, because it was about to expire. It had my correct name in the message.

    I think everything is spoof these days, so I logged into my Paypal account... didn't find any messages about expiry dates but did notice my CC would expire in the next 6 months.

    Anyway, I trashed the original email and never did update my records... do you think this was spoof?
  11. I got one today too! I immediately forwarded it to spoof@paypal.com and got a response in ten minutes =)
  12. Are you talking about the same email that said your CC was about to expire? Was it addressed to you in the message? If so, what did PP say and was it legit or not? Thanks!