WARNING: bag purists avert your eyes!

  1. xxxxxxxx

    Ahem... how did they manage to make pretty things so hideous???

    Also, is this even legal? blatantly flaunting fakes? I wonder how many of these end up on eBay too :S
  2. Gross. Their site is disgusting and so is what they carry. And yes, it's TOTALLY ILLEGAL@
  3. Hmmm...I think this is giving them lots of attention, so lets ignore it.

  4. Hmm... thats so true... never thought of it that way!

    (Please dont think i'm a troll!):sad:
  5. They can get away with it, because these bags don't have any of the brand logos stamped on them. If you take a look at their LV-inspired bags, they don't have a LVs on them or the fleurs. They have a bunch of other symbols. Gross-looking? Yes. Illegal? No.
  6. It still seems like a crime to even have such a site even if it is legal.
  7. Yuck those are definitely horrible. What is even more horrifying though is that I saw a woman today in the grocery store carrying a fake coach and it looks like it came from there.:wtf:
  8. Hmmmm. I actually kinda like the fake LV emblem. I like the scale and size of it. It would be kinda cool if LV actually did blow up their logo as a new line. I would consider buying it. Now how ironic would that be, LV getting the idea from a knock-off?
    And the hand prints on the Dooney knock-offs are no worse than what Dooney's been coming out with lately in my opinion.
  9. It's as bad as ioffer's site-a site that is totally fake too! But the ONLY thing it's good for is comparing potential fakes on eBay. I just don't understand-aren't there laws to protect the designers from this??
  10. Ick!
    Shame on them.
  11. Ew. I feel dirty. And not in a good way.:tdown:
  12. There's nothing illegal about "replica" or "inspired by" handbags (as long as they don't use the designer's name/logos or try to pass them off as "AAA replicas" or "mirror images" they aren't breaking any laws). Walk into your local Target store & take a look at that newest releases. More than half of them are "inspired by" designer bags. I don't think they should use the term "knockoff" because to some, that implies counterfeit, but all they really are is inspired by designs.

    Although I personally wouldn't carry one, I'd much rather see some one carrying one of these bags then an illegally produced, counterfeit handbag. For some people who like the look of Chanel, LV or Balenciaga, but cannot afford it, these bags are a much better choice than the bags sold on street corners, iOffer or even eBay.
  13. tsk tsk shame on them!!
    i cant believe that site... they're just flaunting their.. fakeness. i dont understand...
  14. I agree with ArmCandyLuvr. I see those fake LV heart bags all the time, but it's pretty obvious that these are in no way replicas or anything like that. They're pretty ugly, but not illegal. Plus, even designers knock off each other all the time! After LV came out with their MC line, companies like Dooney, Coach, and others followed suit. And with the popularity of the LV logo, lots of companies put their logo on their bags. Nothing new there.
  15. I always wondered where people bought Goach bags (yes thats GOACH, with a G), now I know... :lol: