Warning about "What She Buys" ++

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  1. I wouldn't worry yet, they probably sent the other item from a different location and didn't add another tracking #
  2. Thanks for the note, EGBDF. I'm hoping the 2nd will show up in a few days. I'm not too worried because it wasn't expensive but I'll be disappointed because its a piece I don't have. :smile:

    I'll be sure to update when it arrives.
  3. It should arrive in a few days. But I do understand your worry, especially if the packing list indicates two items. 😥 That was what happened to me, twice.

  4. I'm still waiting patiently but thankful for your comment. I'm glad your items arrived although not as expected. Maybe today, cross your fingers! :biggrin:
  5. Good luck! I hope you will get them today. Waiting for the courier is nerve wrecking.
  6. Update: They never responded to my multiple attempts. The PayPal dispute was escalated. They never replied to PayPal. Case was closed and I was refunded. PayPal said there's nothing more I could have done and it is very bizarre behavior for a company.
  7. I'm glad you got a refund but its too bad that you had to put up with such a hassle.
  8. Still waiting....they don't answer their phone and haven't responded to my voicemail.

  9. WSB is having another sale-- 60% off but because of this thread, I refuse to place an order!
  10. This is their second week at 60% off.

    I've been watching this site since they started their Longchamp sales, and have made several orders for a total of 6 LC items, because the prices are excellent. The tracking for the items was bad, but I did receive responses to my email inquiries. All of my packages arrived and everything was in perfect condition, although sometimes things were packaged into two shipments from one order.

    I think that WSB has management problems. If you are willing to take the risk and escalate any difficulties to your credit card or Paypal, I do believe that the LC prices can't be beat. Stock is now very limited since people have been buying on discount for months.

    What is most concerning to me is that yesterday I received a notification that the site had allowed its security certificate to lapse. While generally sales are still encrypted when this happens, visitors get that alarming pop-up notification that the site isn't to be trusted, and to be wary. It's a message worth heeding for its implications about how vigilant a site is being. I think WCS immediately dealt with the issue because the pop-up message was gone by the end of the day. But to me it was a further indication that the site has difficulty in keeping up with the demands of Internet selling.

    Caveat emptor, bottom line. Me, I'm still hoping to order one more LC item from them, hoping for a further discount.
  11. I think they are going out of business/closing/re-organizing whatever...there is hardly anything on their website anymore. I know they were sold a year or 2 ago.
    I see they still post on their fb page, and whenever someone posts about the lack of any response from customer service the posts disappear.
    Too bad.
  12. My situation update, I called and also emailed customer service. Two days after I sent the email, I received a reply from CS. I was told that the second item I had ordered wouldn't be sent because they had run out of stock and wasn't being resupplied. I would be issued a refund for that part of the order but I haven't seen it deposited...yet.

    I was bummed, the sales prices were pretty nice. The one item that arrived is MIF.
  13. So sorry that your second item is not going to be resupplied but on the good side, at least you will be getting a refund. Hope you get the refund soon.
  14. Hoping all refunds get processed and pending orders filled. WSB appears to have pulled all online Longchamp stock over the weekend. :shucks:
  15. No sign of my refund yet. i'll reply to my email they sent me and ping them again. Hope they get it done on their end without any fuss.

    The good news: a brand new boutique just opened here, its the only one in the state. Yay!