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  1. I thought I would post this since they're blasting us with their 50% off promo.

    I purchased two items from the sale. When they arrived, one clearly was a store model. I saw they have a return policy but it requires you to email them. I emailed right away and never heard back. I have since sent 4 more emails, 3 phone calls, and finally my last phone call said the number is not in service. I sent them 3 Facebook messages and posted on their page as well. Absolutely radio silence.

    I finally opened up a PayPal dispute and now am waiting to hear back from them.
  2. Sorry you are having this problem. You aren't the first member to complain about them recently. They've had a consecutive string of 40-50% off sales the past few months. I'm guessing they are getting rid of their Longchamp inventory or perhaps even going out of business, I don't know. It appears they haven't restocked with many new Longchamp items in a while. Best of luck resolving this.
  3. We were chatting about them in the Penelope thread. They used to be so good and this past year they seem to be a disorganized mess.
    Please let us know if they ever get back to you.
  4. Thank you- yes I suspect they may be going out of business otherwise this is just really bad business practice.....

    Could you direct me to the Penelope thread? I'd like to commiserate with those who had similar experiences Thank you :smile:
  5. Somewhere in the middle of this-
  6. Oh, and check your payment statements carefully if you've ordered from them.
    I was trying to look at my account on the WSB website yesterday and it was down, but the banner had something about an online shoe store.
  7. Whoa. Not good.
  8. Update: I've escalated my dispute in PayPal because of a lack of response
  9. I've been wondering whether they were closing up shop. Today I got a 60% off email!!

    Good luck, OP.
  10. My last two orders with them were mailed out in two separate shipments, without notifying me. I had to chase for the shipping confirmation from the store after waiting for seven days. Emails were unanswered as well. I was told I can have my reward points converted into a voucher code and redeemed against my purchase but my emails for this request had not been answered at all.
  11. The rewards points seemed to be unredeemable sometime last year. I was saving mine and never had a chance to use them.
    I've sent off one last email and then I'm just going to go through my credit card company.
  12. I only realised I had points as of this year and wrote to enquire how to redeem them. The reply was that I can redeem $80 but in all my subsequent orders, my requests for it to be redeemed came to no avail. The company really gave me the vibes that it is trying to clear all inventory and close down.
  13. I ordered something from them last week and had to chase them twice to find out about the shipment tracking. They finally replied a couple of hours ago. Turns out the item was shipped 2 days after I ordered it but they didn't send the tracking email earlier
  14. The same thing happened to me. I wrote an email asking for shipping confirmation only to then receive the shipping confirmation but the order was already shipped one week ago. No explanations. No apologies. Nothing.
  15. I wish I had read this thread before ordering from them!

    I placed an order for 2 small accessories at 50% because I was a bit hesitant ordering a big ticket item (I want a large Heritage), I think I'll probably have to pay full price in my local boutique.

    I received a tracking number for UPS and got my box yesterday. I was hopeful my order was going to be fulfilled without an issue...BUT there was only 1 item in the box.

    I'll contact them and see how that goes....Here's a virtual thank you to all you ladies that post here and try to help. You're awesome! :flowers: