Warning about the Chloe Whiskey Paddington and Other Bags Plus Bag News

  1. I sell bags so I see a lot of them, here are a few warnings about defects and a few bits of bag news that you may or may not know:

    Defect List:

    I had two Chloe Whiskey Paddingtons with the same defect, and had to return both of them to Bergdorfs. I thought I would post a warning. The lacquer or finish on the metal for the lock area peels or chips off easily, going from a dull metal finish to a shiny finish that is exposed in the interior. Has anyone else had this problem? I have never seen any other Paddington bags, do I don't know if this is just this style and color, or just the two I happened to get, or what. Be careful.

    Also, I find the grey reissue scratches rather easily, and that all reissues suffer from a problem with the chain causing possible dents in the interior leather if the chain is not wrapped. Make sure if you buy one over the phone to have them inspect for these defects.

    Also, the honey leather on the Fendi Spy, which is the same leather used on the Patent black buckle and tan leather B Bag may have small dull spots. It may be normal to the leather, however I have seen perfect bags, and bags with a few dull spots.

    Also be careful because some Dior Gaucho bags have dirty zipper and metal areas, by dirty I mean that they are covered with some sort of dark black soot- from the original manufature, and need to be cleaned first. They are fine after you clean them, however I would make sure to clean the metal before putting it in contact with your clothes.

    Be careful also that on the YSL muse all the stitches are stiched properly on the front, and that there are no loose threads.

    On other news:

    The Edith in Whiskey is a harder leather than the Paddington and not the same color at all. It has to be harder in order to retain its shape.

    The Fendi B Bag with the strap available on ELuxury is only available there and Europe. North America only bought the chain version. Fendi tells me this bag (in the chain and in strap) will be as hard to find as the Spy in the initial stages.

    The Dior Gaucho came out in blue as you know three days ago. It will soon be out in black and a new brown. Probably less olive than the previous brown.

    Thanks guys! Happy Shopping!
  2. Thanks for the news and updates!
  3. I had experienced quite a few problem with Chloe paddington including peeling lock, cell phone pocket up side down, poor finish paint at the edge of the leather. and for Chloe, you have to send the back to where you purchase for future repair so I dont recommanded to buy chloe from other countries.

    and thanks for the update on the chloe edith.. I am still in a 50/50 situation, not sure I should cancel my pre-order or not.
  4. Thank you for the info. =)

    Were the Whiskey Paddys the first you've bought? The padlock scratching/peeling has been an issue since the Paddy first came out and the issue has not been corrected by Chloe. With each season we keep hoping they'll change the finish but no luck. *Almost* every lock has some sort of problem with it if you look closely.
  5. Also, has anyone else noticed that the lighter Chloe colors ie: blanc and jeans moyen are a little 'stiffer' than the darker colors? Maybe it was just the 2 that I have had, but the darker colors seem to be much more 'squishy'.

    On the Dior Gaucho, they have been coming with the 'dirty' hardware...my sa at Neimans said that the few she has seen have been that way. They need to clean them before they sell. Just take a damp clean cloth and rub the hardware and the leather. Does the trick.
  6. Interesting info. Thanks for posting.