Warning about Evil-Bay... Involves fraudulent toki sales...

  1. Hey you guys, I just wanted to let you know theres some bastard out there emailing people with fake sales for toki... They messaged me sister a few times yesterday saying "im selling ______ [the thing she bid on] and i can end the auction early, gimme your name and address" or some crap like that. funny thing is she never even gave the real seller her email... so i think it was a lucky guess by tacking on -@yahoo.com or -@gmail.com to her username. anywho they message you with like "member@eBay.com" as the subject line... my sister messaged the real seller on eBay and they said it wasnt them so she forwarded the email to eBay to report the guy... then TODAY after we emailed him saying we knew it was a scam hes like "please send the info quick my dad is sick and i cant use paypal because im in some 3rd world country" talk about an idiot...

    yea... so watch out for weird emails :cursing:
  2. Yeah! I've gotten stupid spoof emails. Not from "ebay" but from a fake Paypal... I sort of feel for it... put in my email n credit card stuff but never actually CLICKED "Submit." I got worried... and I cancelled my card anyways. Now I put my Paypal account on limited just incase.

    Why can't people just leave us alone with their stupid fhduaidfsdf:tdown:
  3. >_> they just emailed my sister again using a different email addy. this guy is so presistant and stupid D:
  4. that's lame. you should tell him that you will report him if he does not stop.

    thanks for posting this up though..