Warning About Contact Solution

  1. Hey Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I just wanted to make sure everyone saw the news on CNN.com this morning regarding Bausch and Lomb halting the shipment of their Renu contact solution. http://www.cnn.com/2006/HEALTH/conditions/04/11/eye.fungus.ap/index.html

    Right now they think it might be causing a fungal eye infection that last three months and even blindness. :sick:

    I know it's a popular brand, and it's the one I use most often. I'm going to replace my contact case on the way home tonight as the article suggests.

    Just thought I'd pass the news along. Eye infections are no fun.
  2. Wow.. thanks for the heads up.. thats what I use too. the no rub..
    Is is only Renu with moisturelock that is affected.. thats what I just read..
  3. Ok, I just bought that kind to 'try' last night when I ran out of the regular no rub!!!

    Ugh, back to Duane Reade it is to get something else. *@&% it.

    Thanks for the heads up. I seriously just bought that exact thing!
  4. Jilly,

    Didn't they say something about the disposable contacts too? I wasn't quite awake when I heard this at 5am.
  5. Thanks for that! I saw this this morning and then couldn't remember the name of the solution. I won't be using this one ever! Very scary :sad:
  6. Oh my.. I hope everyone reads them. I tried the RENU sample bottle before and I've been sticking to COMPLETE solution since day 1 wearing contacts. It has been great so far :biggrin:
  7. I haven't heard anything about lenses yet. I'll keep my ears open & if I hear or find anything, I'll post it here.

    The article does say not to sleep with your lenses in, which is something I do all the time because the kind I have are made for sleeping in.

    I hope they find out what's causing it!

    I guess this is a good time to start saving up for Lasik!
  8. Augh.. noooo, Renu is my favourite brand of contact solution ! Thanks for the heads up !
  9. Me too.. I think I've tried some other one but it didn't work out so well. I know sooo many people use RENU but I just never tried it. But thanks for the heads up ladies!
  10. thanks for the info! I should pass it along to my bf!
  11. :amazed: Thank you jillybean207, that was so nice of you to take the time to inform us! :love:
  12. ekekek, thanks for the information - i'll be sure to continue using the brand my optometrist recommened - which is NOT Renu
  13. Yikes! Luckily I use the opti-free no rub. Works well for a no rub.
  14. ah gross! I always use renu...whew luckily i just ran out and am using some other stuff.
  15. Thanks for the info. I bought a 2-pack from Costco last week and took it back today after reading this post. Scary stuff!