WARNING about Coach Lipstick!

  1. I ordered my Rose Coach lipstick 3 days ago and could not wait for it to arrive. This morning the package came and I promptly put it over an air conditioning vent (I live in Tulsa and it is about a 100 degrees right now and last time I checked, lipstick is VERY meltable). I just opened the package completely ecstatic and was about to smear it on my lips when I suddenly thought, maybe I need to read the ingrediants (Which I NEVER do with lipstick). Sure and sadly enough it has SWEET ALMOND OIL! :wtf:If I had put that on, more than likely I would have died because I was going back to bed and would not have made it to my epinephine shot in time. About 1 percent of Americans are deadly allergic to nuts, I am VERY suprised that it has Almond Oil and just wanted to warn anyone out there who potentially was going to buy with a nut allergy!
  2. Wow! Thank goodness you checked the ingredients first. Somebody was looking out for you big time. Thank you so much for coming on here to let us know! I don't have any food allergies, but I know they can be deadly.
  3. They can be horrible. If I had used it then my throat would have swollen shut in 5 minutes or less. I have gotten into a nut before, and it is terrifying!
  4. Thank goodness you checked it first! :yes:
    That sounds very scary to go through.
  5. Wow.. they def. need to put a warning on that one or something!
  6. OMG!!! I haven't even looked at the ingredients!! How ridiculous that it's in there!!!

    I'm so sorry this happened, there truly should have been a warning.
  7. Wow, sorry that almost happened to you! Scary!

    On that note...I did not know Coach made cosmetics now??
  8. All I can say is WOW.

    Someone, somewhere is going to find that out the hard way and that saddens me so much because it's something that is completely preventable. The responsible thing for Coach to do would be to alert the stores, put up a notice on the website and put a warning on the packaging. For crying out loud, this means life or death to many women!
  9. I am REALLY suprised that they do not have a warning on the website or more blatantly on the packaging (it is in TINY lettering on the ingrediants list, not even in bold). On a side note I wish that I could use it because Rose is BEAUTIFUL! So silky looking.. :crybaby:
  10. wow that's insane!!
    with all the nut allergies around these days you'd think they would rid of that.
    Did you send it back?
  11. I COMPLETELY AGREE! :tup: mokoni for Coach president 2007!
  12. I'd call Coach right away and tell them this! They should at the very least put some kind of warning on it. I'm so glad you looked at the ingredients before you used it and you are OK now!
  13. I called to ask if I could return it to the coach store (I hate my local boutique though, they always treat me poorly there) and he said yes. I will be going over there this afternoon and may speak with the manager. I just wish that there had been a notice on the website so I would not be out the 5 dollar shipping and a near death experience.
  14. I called and he did not seem the least bit concerned. The representatives response was, good thing you checked the label. :bagslap:GOOD THING is a major understatement! I was at home by myself and nowhere near my shot of epinephrine
  15. Do other lipsticks contain sweet almond oil? (I'm sorry, not much of a cosmetics user here) or is this rare?

    And if other brands do contain sweet almond oil, do they issue warnings as well?

    toxic, I'm so glad you checked!! Someone was watching out fo you for sure!!