WARN eBay Seller BLOORSTREETSHOPPER/*rockliberation*/SWEETWATERGOLD/shop_celeboutique

  1. We, as in the girls of the Authenticate this Chanel thread, would like to warn you about eBay seller bloorstreetshopper :police:

    We have seen her Chanel auctions on the authenticate thread for almost a year now and despite many, many reports to eBay, she still gets away with selling her fake stuff.Now, if you take a look at her feedback nothing seems to be wrong with this powerseller, 99.7% positive feedback and only 2 negative feedback:

    eBay feedback history bloorstreetshopper > click on the link

    Seems, because this seller is a real scam artist and has stolen thousands of dollars of innocent buyers. Since she has got a lot of positive feedback we assume that, after the innocent buyer has received the fake bag, bloorstreetshopper proposes a refund for positive feedback (left first before the refund).This is only an assumption of course, but it seems like the only reasonable explanation so far.

    How does she operate?

    First, she uses private listings so that you won’t be able to view her auctions after buyers have left their feedback.
    On eBay that is, because with goofbay you are able to view her sold (and unsold) listings: goofbay seller history bloorstreetshopper > click on the link

    :wtf: Take a look at this: Total Value Sold $21496.74

    Remember, this only shows the money she has cashed since last November. Imagine the total amount she has been cashing since March last year!!

    Second, most of the time she mixes pictures of real Chanel bags with fake ones, which can throw people off.
    Here’s an example of a fake bowler: fake gold bowler > click on the link

    As you will notice, once the auction has ended she immediately removes the pictures of the hologram sticker and authenticity card. But luckily I saved the picture she was showing in this listing. Notice that the numbers on the hologram sticker and authenticity card are too round and there’s no glitter on the hologram sticker:


    Here are some more pictures:

    again, the numbers are too round, no glitter



    wrong font on the Made In interior tag and wrong positioning of the Made In


    the CC's are wrongly crossed


    :angel: Oops, on this one she forgot to remove her pictures: fake Luxury tote > click on the link

    So, please stay miles away from this scam artist. If you have had any bad experiences with bloorstreetshopper or know anybody who has, please do come forward and tell us about it. You can do so in this thread or you can send a PM to Mon (Smoothoprter), Michele, Pursepushin, burberryprncess or me.

    Thank you.

  2. thank you for highlighting this in the main Chanel forum. I rarely visit the fake chanels subforum.

    It's so disappointing that ebay has done nothing about scam artists like Bloor Street Shopper.
  3. The fakes she sells are convincing in pictures. It confuses us to no end that she doesn't have more negative feedback.

    Good catch Nathalie. This hologram/authenticity sticker on the "gold luxury bowler" is completely fake.

  4. Great job of investigative reporting, Beautylicious! You are providing a great service to the unknowingly scammed and yet to be scammed buyers from this unscrupulous seller. I hope others will learn from your post and this seller's fraudulent career on ebay can be ended. :woohoo:
  5. Omg Nat, how horrible!!! :wtf: You and everyone in the Authenticate This thread are indispensable to the Forum, and I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say how much we appreciate your time, energy and effort in answering our questions. :smile:

    It's just unbelievable that scammers like this horrible seller have been able to dupe so many innocent people... hopefully we can all spread the word about this, and prevent others from being scammed.
  6. I think you should post this info also on Ebay's Forum for handbags. It bears repeating, over and over again!

    Thanks for posting.
  7. I just want to highlight this bag that Nathalie has already highlighted in her first post. It's a "Madison" flap.
    As Nathalie pointed out the CC's are crossed incorrectly.


    This is what an AUTHENTIC Madison flap looks like:

  8. Thank you, I think I am pretty sure I was watching something from this person a while back, will cross them off my list for sure. Shame on this :yucky: 'powerseller' !!!
  9. No actually, what she does is she has started using pictures of authentic hologram stickers and cards in her auctions of fake bags. She uses the same pictures over and over again. When the auction ends she removes the pictures of the authentic hologram stickers and cards immediately so no one is the wiser.

    We suspect she may also "bait & switch". Use authentic bags for the auction but send fakes.
  10. I was actually watching one of her auctions for a black patent luxury tote last year. I had no idea she was selling fakes until I came upon the discussion in the authenticate this thread. Thanks to all the ladies that are watching our backs. YIKES Mon and Nathalie, I don't think that I would have caught that on the Madison flap. :wtf:
  11. That is so WRONG!

    Thanks for catching this and for the info.
  12. Oooh..I had that gold bowler on my watch list.I asked the seller a question (I don't remember what) but I never received an answer when the listing was active.A week or so later after the listing suddenly ended I received a message from the seller offering to sell the fake bowler to me at $1400.
  13. I knew the metallic gold bowler was a fake immediately because it was lacking the metal tag. All of the metallic bowlers had metal Made In tags, while the matte ones did not.
  14. You're welcome. But duplicate threads are not allowed. And since she primarily sells fake Chanel bags, we thought it would be best to post this in the main Chanel section.