Warmest type of gloves?

  1. I was just wondering what everybody thought the warmest kind of gloves are? I'm in need of a pair as winter approaches and was wondering whether to get leather, or maybe even cashmere but I'm not sure which type will keep my hands snug. Any suggestions?
  2. I grew up where it was REALLY cold, and learned that as silly as it sounds, layering (!) two pairs of gloves, usually thin cashmere will keep you warm no matter what (used to work for me in below 0 temperatures). Just something to keep in mind when it gets unbearably cold.
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  3. I have ones with a wool (?) lining, they're incredibly warm. I have to take them off indoors :lol::sweatdrop:
  4. I find that leather gloves do not keep my hands warm at all. I have a pair of fabric ones (no idea what the fabric is) that keep my hands toasty even when it is 25 below.
  5. I have two pairs of leather gloves, one pair lined with wool and the other satin, and one pair of wool gloves. The leather lined with satin ones aren't warm at all, and I see that pretty often in designer glove, but the leather lined with wool ones are significantly warmer than the plain wool gloves. Like others have said, if you can get a pair lined with cashmere that's even better.
  6. ski gloves :p

    but if you're the least bit vain you're better off with cashmere lined leather gloves :lol: those usually do me fine. if it's really cold you can even wear them inside a pair of mittens.
  7. Sheepskin gloves are without a doubt, the warmest. They're quite bulky though and not very elegant.
    Brown Sheepskin Gloves.jpg
  8. Most of my leather gloves are cashmere lined and they are warm enough for me to get to places, even for walking for a couple of hours downtown Boston during winter.
  9. I too prefer leather with a cashmere lining. the better the quality the warmer theyre gonna be
  10. Oooh thanks everyone, I think I'll look some leather ones with a cashmere lining, or maybe even sheepskin. Thanks!