Warmest long underwear known to man?

  1. Hi guys,

    Does anyone know of any really warm long underwear? It's getting cold again and I have to go out alot and walk my dogs.

    I've heard some Patagonia ones are good but does anyone have suggestions? Price doesn't really matter (not because I have alot of money to spend but because it's freakin cold outside)...:tdown:.

    My friend once told me about some that construction workers wear but I forgot the name.

  2. Have you searched the wardrobe forum? You might wanna try there also
  3. I like Winter Silks . . .
  4. I don't know about long underwear specifically, but Ibex makes very thin and warm wool base layers. I usually find wool itchy, but these are very comfortable.
  5. I'm in the same boat and Cabela's does silk, silk/cashmere & poly tech fabrics for hunters/ice fishermen. And look for polypropylene because if you get to warm on your walks you'll sweat and if the fabric doesn't wick away moisture you'll be cold again
  6. I really like Smartwool.
  7. I love smartwool, hot chilis and patagonia all (I work at a ski hill, so I wear a lot of long underwear). I personally prefer to have multiple pairs of a thin weight that I can layer depending on the weather, but if you really want the warmest stuff out there, look for 'expedition weight' - usually each brands' burliest offerings.
  8. I used to live in Arctic and the guys would go out in t-shirts and jeans in Jan/Feb but I wouldn't recommend such macho behaviour :biggrin:

    You could try these they're made for the Eastern-European winter to go hunting in and they are made of 2 layered suits. Somehow I think you'll have to leave any notion of fashion behind


    You can even close the eye slots (freezing temperatures can make you cry and then your tears freeze (and yes I've experienced this)


    Well you did ask what is the "Warmest long underwear known to man?" ;)
  9. Thanks!!! I am looking all of these up right now. :hugs:
  10. I bet this is the warmest known to man..it sure does look like it!!:p Wow!
  11. Hot Chillys Mountain Weight. at www.hotchillys.com.
    I use them all the time skiing in Vermont...been out at 0 degrees with a -15 to 20 wind chill.
  12. Uniqlo has the *heat tech* very thin and warm and v affordable .. even has the knee length long john in add'l to the reg^
  13. I always buy long underwear from Sierratradingpost.com. Everything's about half-off. I like Smartwool but there are lots of other good brands available on Sierra Trading Post.

    Victoria's Secret used to sell the very best long underwear in the world. Incredibly soft. Just a little bit sexy. Don't know whether they still carry it. Haven't seen it in the stores for ages, but they might carry it online.