warm weather vacation and hermes

  1. hi all
    I need some help! My DH, dog Maggie and I are off to St Barth in April. I do not know if I should bring either of my H bags (gold 35 cm birkin, black 32 cm kelly) because I am not sure they will be useful on the island where it is usually in the 80s and we are always very casual. If we are not in our beachwear, I am in a sundress or a pair of shorts. The kelly is definitely TOO dressy but not sure about the birkin. What do you ladies think?

    Thanks for your suggestions!
  2. i always carry b´s on st. barth so no problem actually i find them to be perfect for strolling shopping lunches and off to the beach
    after all they do have one of the best selling boutiques on the island
    even though personally i prefer pop colored b´s for st barth gold can work wonderfully too
  3. Bring it! You never know!
    And don't forget to get one of those St. Barts commemorative only at their boutique scarf!
  4. I would take the gold Birkin and leave the Kelly home. You will be able to carry things in the 35 for day trips and shopping. Gold goes with the island and I have never worn a black bag in a tropical climate unless it was an evening bag.
  5. OMG! This is such a great thread! I hope you don't mind if i piggy back on your thread maggie, because I am having a very similar dilemma!!!

    Would any of your answers change if you were going to Cancun as opposed to St Barths???? My hubby thinks I would be insane to bring my Blue Jean HAC???
  6. What about a bright evelyne? or picotin?

  7. I don't completely disagree with him. My feeling is that unless the bag is with you 24/7 leave it home. Many strange things including theft take place in tourist spots. Just because it is in your room doesn't mean it can't be lifted. I think in Cancun, I would stick to a simple inexpensive straw tote. PM me if you like.

  8. AHHH! I don't own anything like that. I was thinking of carrying my Balenciaga City or Chloe Paddington if I didn't bring the HAC. OY. So, do you think I should go buy a tote??? :wtf:
  9. You can pick up something cheap there.
  10. ^^ Yes, sadly Cancun has been the site of much theft to my friends. Never leave anything unattended and just be careful when you are out and about. The people I know that frequently go there take the cheapest bag they have (straw totes are perfect) so that they can enjoy a few drinks without worry of having to watch everything so closely.
  11. Thank you so much gracekelly and gazoo. It's sad that you still need to worry about all this when you go to a top rated resort but you are so right. I totally need to bring something more practical. UGH.
  12. jag, I tend to agree with the others. I went to cancun once and had some things stolen from my hotel. Now, that being said, I have no idea where you are staying and whether the hotel that you stay at makes a difference. It could happen anywhere.

    Lilach, you bring your birkin to St Barth? What size is it and what do you do with it when you are at the beach?

    Elizabethk, Ms Cupcake was in St Barth a few weeks ago and was nice enough to pick one up for me! We have been going there for years and I never was lucky enough to get one-they were always sold out then I went! I can't thank Ms Cupcake enough!!!

    I was thinking of a picotin but I do not love the style for my life off the island. I am also considering an evelyne but can't find the right color! I hate to spend so much money on a bright bag that I will probably only use in the summer and on vacation.

    If its not an H, what do you think about a Goyard tote?
  13. se pm ;)
  14. Jag, how about a Longchamp tote? I just think that you'll get plenty of use out of it at other times too :idea:
  15. I thought about that too especially since it has a zipper. Can always fold it up and put it way in your luggage if you pick up a straw tote!