Warm Shoes? Still UGGs?

  1. Hey guys! So I understand that we don't wear our UGGs to be fashionable anymore but will you still be wearing yours this winter to stay warm? I am thinking about buying a pair but don't know that I should. I am just looking for something warm and comfy!
  2. Hehe, love my UGGs, especially with mini shorts and skirts!!
  3. I have a pair but only wear them when it's super cold and snowy out.

    I am contemplating buying some Hunter brand wellington boots and getting the matching fleece inserts which will make them as warm as uggs, and super non-slip (which is important for me, as a person who is clumsy and falls a lot in the winter... haha).
  4. Still Uggs for me this year.
  5. :heart:my uggs.....I have quite a collection and will continue to wear them! It's funny most of my fellow nurses wear crocs and I wear uggs (when it's cold) they are just the best!
  6. i love my uggs, and i will definitly be wearing them this winter! i have quite a collection of them now, they are sooooo comfortable!
  7. I got a pair of camper faux fur lined boots a while back and they are really comfortable and really warm.
  8. ^ I so want to have UGGs this winter! I always hated them, but I'm discovering my love for UGGs now. They're cute and warm and comfy!

    (P.S. Savvyblonde, please keep on your UGGs and don't switch to Croc's! I hate Crocs - we've got a whole Crocs-store in our city now, and I can just smell the plastic fumes when I walk by :yucky: Don't care how comfortable they are.)
  9. Love UGGs! Living in Wisconsin, I've yet to find a warm, cute and super comfortable replacement. Sorel's just don't cut it in the cute category. :smile:
  10. Living in LA, it doesn't really get that cold. But when its wet out I wear them alot. I actually even wear them when its like normal LA heat.:yes:

  11. NY'er here - wearing Uggs today :yes:
  12. oh i am so glad to find this thread! i just got a pair of the chocolate ones 2 weeks ago and i thought i was a totally out of style. i don't care that they're "in" so much as my feet are warm and cozy when it's cold. but it's nice to know i'm not the only one wearing them!
  13. I like this thread! I got a pair on sale last year but they are orange :tdown: I only wore them inside the house and i just looooved them! so comfy! When i put my feet in them I feel relaxed and warm :smile:

    So I was deciding if i should get a black pair this winter for shopping or walks outside when it's really cold... I do understand they're not 'IN' and if I think they are comfortable I should wear them but I don't want to look like a fashion victim that's two years behind...
  14. You really can't get anything warmer than Uggs...
  15. Still staying true to my chestnut Uggs! I also do not care if they are in or out! They are comfortable and go with almost everything, especially when you are playing outside all winter with the kids.:tup: