Warm Fuzzy


Nov 1, 2006
A warm fuzzy tale for your day!

Last New Year's Day after years of pitching, my husband agreed we could get a puppy. I went the adoption route, and after much homework and spreadsheets and chats with the vet we brought home an 11-week old tiny scruffy little black ball that my husband named Aston.

Aston was born in a puppy farm with two brothers. When she was a few days old, the puppy farm was raided and amongst others, her mother and two siblings were taken and put into foster care. Unfortunately, her mother died a week or so later meaning Aston and her siblings had to be bottle fed for a while. Due to the environment she was born in, the death of her mother and the malnourishment, Aston did not grow into the medium sized dog she was supposed to be and capped out at 4.2kg (9.25lb).

Aston is now 20 months old has become nice mannered little dog with a lot of personality and enthusiasm for everything.

At the moment, my best friend, her husband and 9 month old son are staying with us. I was wary of introducing Aston to their 9 month old because Aston is very little and when we first adopted her she was quite wary of small children who were noisy and unpredictable.

Much to my amazement though, Aston and their son have become best friends. They cry for each other if one is taken away for a mealtime or bedtime! Aston happily tolerates lots of hair pulling (she responds with licks), brings her toys to share, has taught him to roll a ball for her.

I'm so proud of my little scruff for her lovely tolerance, and whilst we'd obviously never leave them alone unsupervised, it's very rewarding to see just how warm and patient she is, even when tested!


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