Warm and Fuzzy ...

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  1. #1 Feb 9, 2014
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    So, I caved. Great price, a style (flap bag from another maker) I'd had in the past, and I love how luscious and silky the leather is. I haven't seen a reveal for this line before, so here you go! (Thanks, J, for your help in identifying this beauty!)

    Presenting the Nero Fuzzy Napa Cross Body Bag, from early F/W 11:

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  2. Few more with the requisite modeling shots - I have the strap on the shortest setting here - I'll probably carry it more as a shoulder bag than a crossbody bag, but not sure yet if I'm going to hold on to this one, it's a bit big for me...

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  3. The detail, as always with a Bottega Veneta bag, is absolutely exquisite. The beauty! I love how BV can design a bag with such minute detail that the eyes always have something on which to feast. And this bag is so lightweight! OMG. Sigh.
  4. OMG....need this in my life! Beautiful...love it, and looks great on you.
  5. Thank you!
  6. WOW! what a beauty!!! I love the combination of smooth leather, weave, and strands of leather! I think the size is perfect, but I favor larger bags.
  7. India, what a nice BV find. You wear her well.
  8. It's very pretty
    I love a saddle bag
    I love the weaving on the bottom
    very pretty bag
    use it in good health India
  9. Pretty and versatile on you
  10. It is the same width as my Cervo Hobo... strangely enough :biggrin:

    Oh it most definitely is - I have to adjust to the east/west layout, that's all -

    Thank you, SS. What I think is interesting - the 'cell phone pocket' is actually the correct size! :lol:

    Thank you.
  11. wow a cell phone pocket that works
    I keep dental floss in mine since my celly doesn't fit
  12. I know you want to keep the collection simple and small but what I do like about this one is that it is definitely dressier than your Cervo hobo. And it's a decidedly different look. That option might be nice to have.

    As for scale, yes I see it's a larger proportion. But I don't think it overwhelms you and I have to say, it looks bad a** on you as a cross body.

    Let us know what you decide.
  13. love it!
  14. Very nice!
  15. Beautiful bag. It looks great on you. It does not look big. Enjoy!:smile: