Warehouse fire in NYC that housed Coach

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  1. Depressing. At least there were no report of human injuries. Hope the same can be said of, um, gulp, Coach bags...
  2. They were just talking about this on the 11:00 news.

    Glad no one was hurt.

    Is that their corporate headquarters?
  3. wow this is horrible!!!

    i noticed they said it housed coach, which sells expensive bags and wallets... hope dooney and burke didnt do it!! (just kidding)
  4. How terrible! I'm really glad no one was hurt though!

    On a lighter note, this would be a good platform for someone to start a pro handbag anti smoking campaign. "Smoking not only destroys yourself, it destroys your PURSES!!!!!!!"
  5. Two firefighters were injured. I hope they recover quickly and completely! :flowers:
  6. So does this mean Fire Sale??? Just kidding..yuck, last thing I would want is a smoke damaged Coach...
  7. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!:nuts::crybaby:

    I am glad no one was killed!

    How awful!
  8. That is where Reed Krakoff works. They also have the Coach showroom there with all of the current styles. I am glad nobody was killed. Hopefully the firefighters will make a quick recovery.
  9. wow, that sux.
  10. :amazed:

    I hope the firefighters make a speedy recovery.....glad no one else was injured or killed....
  11. Glad no one is hurt. But I do feel for those coach bags.:crybaby: