Wardrobe with your Amazon, Leaf and Kelly Green


Sep 1, 2008
I ordered the Amazon Green from the Gilt sale. I love the color but I find it is hard to wear. My wardrobe is mostly neutrals (browns, navy) with splash of colors. Think JCrew and a wee bit Forever21 with a vintage preppy twist.

Why am I having such a hard time with Amazon Green. Talk me into it ladies! Tell me if you use your green bag as an everyday bag or if you wear only with certain colors.



Jan 16, 2009
I have the Amazon Green Nikki and I wear it with EVERYTHING! I'm not one to do matchy-matchy with my clothes to my bags, so maybe my opinion is not as helpful. I also wear mostly neutrals (taupes, browns, greys) but I also have red, purple, and green tops. I just wore a different shade green top with my Amazon Nikki and I had 2 people compliment me on my bag today!

I guess it's totally what you're comfortable with, but I think if you wear mostly neutrals it looks great to have that wonderful green bag add a splash of color:graucho:


Dec 24, 2005
I have a Leaf MAB, and I wear it with just about everything. I find it to be a very versatile color! In fact, the only bag I've ever carried that was more wearable was a purple Balenciaga. I like to carry bags that are in bright colors as I often wear muted colors.


Dec 19, 2007
i have the emerald mab which is very similar to leaf. Since leaf/emerald are more jewel toned colors, i consider them to be neutrals as well and wear them with everything.

I would imagine that the Amazon/Kelly green looks fabulous with shades of brown, white (for summer!), Navy's and much more!
I just received my Amazon Green Nikki form Bluefly yesterday. Oh my gosh - I love it! I wore it today with jeans and a navy top and I had so many compliments! I wear a lot of neutrals too so that green will be the perfect pop of color. It will look cute with white jeans too! I am so happy with mine!