Wardrobe question: what are you going to wear for Halloween?

  1. Any good ideas for a Halloween costume? either for kids or yourself or a couples costume idea
  2. I'm going to be Cleopatra.
  3. Am attending a "Halloween Party Bus" Club-crawl. If I'm lazy... then just go as some punk lolita... if I have time... I'll go as "Enma Ai" of "Jigoku Shōjo".
  4. I know it is a bit slutty, but I've always wanted to be a sailor so I thought why not & ordered this costume off eBay, hopefully it fits :shame:
  5. Me and my friends are going as the SCOOBY GANG!!!
  6. ^ OMG! I love it. I was Velma one year when I had my hair cut in a bob. I wore glasses, a pleated skirt, turtleneck, knee socks and mary janes. I carried a litte stuffed scooby, so people would get it...

    This year, I think I'm going to be Pocahontas. I'm going to try to sucker the BF into being John Smith, but he hatesss costumes :nogood:
  7. I like the sailor outfit, but can't pull it off at the particular party I'm going to... my husband can't make it to the party... and well, people would talk! (how sad, huh?)
  8. That looks hot!
  9. pisdapisda79 I like the sailor costume. It's actually really cute! It's Halloween and only once a year, who cares if it's slutty, lol. I'm actually thinking about being this
    A gold digger!
  10. :graucho:Im gonna wear my birthday suit with an LV bag with pumps:graucho:

    J/K Im going as a nurse and not your average nurse
  11. Either this...
    w/a pink shirt and dark blue jeans

    I'll be a grecian goddess and where one of these...

  12. Oh my god....I so want this costume! My friends would think it's HILARIOUS! We kind of have this inside joke about gold diggers.
  13. If I decide to go out I think I'm going to wear a black PVC corset that I never get to wear and a skirt to match and maybe make it into a maid outfit. I never go to clubs anymore so I need to wear my corset somewhere!
  14. I'm going to be an Abercrombie boy.
    I'm wearing jeans belted at my butt, an Abercrombie t-shirt, a baseball cap, sneakers, and I won't do anything with my hair.

    It'll be tough, but I think I'll be able to live through the day ;)
  15. I saw a girl wearing this last year & it was really cute. She actually went as a couple with her bf who was dressed as an old man, it looked great. She even had fake money bills coming from her pockets