Wardrobe malfunction...has this ever happened to you?

I had to do a presentation today in front of about 35-40 managers. I was up there a good umm, 15 min or so. I sat back down, got back up when someone asked me a question, then was asked to go back up front to re-demo what I just showed them.

It wasn't until this time when one of my friends (she's one of the managers) came up to me and said, 'honey, I don't know how to tell you this but your shirt is unbuttoned!' I just about died! She continues on to tell me that my boobs have been out there for everybody to see!

Ugh!!! I tried to laugh it off but I really wish someone had said something to me earlier on coz I could've joked about it too. Now I'm just going to be remembered as the girl who decided to give the managers a peep show! No wonder why nobody understood a word I said. I'm glad this is my last week there.

Please...somebody try to top this incident!


Nov 28, 2005
i can't top it but i used to teach SAT classes when i was in high school. i was up at my podium early one morning chatting with students (mostly male) who would always try to flirt with me, and i was just enjoying the morning as usual. i walked out of the room to the bathroom and realized that the tube top that i'd been wearing with an open shirt over it had fallen down almost completely and that it was somewhere around my ribcage. i was utterly mortified and at the same time ridiculously annoyed that none of the guys had bothered telling me :cursing: since i had known them for years and it wasn't like any of them had any issues speaking up.


Jun 18, 2007
One time in HS I was wearing a button down shirt and the "boob button" popped off, completely exposing my bra :shame:

I try to always keep a safety pin with me, if not a cardigan. I'm prone to wardrobe malfunctions!

Vegas Long Legs

Nov 13, 2006
Ok, was it really your tata's they were seeing or your bra? Yes, its very embarassing but bra isn't as much as your tata's hanging out.

Years ago I had a lunch date with a new guy that I really liked. WOW someone I liked, this alone was a miracle! I wore a new pair of navy dress pants that fit perfectly. We met up with a bunch of his office mates in the park after eating. Had a great time!
I get home & am changing my clothes & the entire seam in the butt from the waist down had unraveled! And I was wearing these bright floral obnoxious panties. And I was walking in FRONT of the group of his office mates! I thought oh, lawd, I will never hear from him again & I didn't.
I saw him years later & time was not kind to him. God works in mysterious ways.


Feb 14, 2007
New Orleans, LA
I went to a deposition with my skirt unzipped in the back flashing my pink panties to the world. Luckily an attorney finally told me, but only after I'd walked into the building through security and past about a million people. Oh, well, at least I was wearing cute panties!


Jan 11, 2006
When I was in grade school (7th grade or so), I wore a bandeau bikini to a class picnic on the beach. It was my very first bikini, and I felt so grownup. One of my classmates (a guy) snapped my bikini top and it popped right off of me. My girlfriends surrounded me to cover me up but not before I flashed my class. Needless to say I was mortified--I mean, I was young and not at all confident about my body to begin with. It was so embarassing.

The guy was very apologetic.


Aug 26, 2007
The Playground
a button had fell off my shirt in the middle of the day and you could see my bra. I embarrsingly used a paper clip until I got home. that was embarassing. but luckily I caught the button falling before anyone else did.


May 26, 2007
Wales - UK
About 2 weeks ago I was crossing the very busy road outside college and to the right of me a lot of the students were getting on to their buses.

So I run across the road when theres a gap in the taffic and bam, right in the middle of the road my skirt fell right down to my knees!!! I quickly pulled it up and ran across the road hoping nobody saw. Then I rang my mum to come and pick me up because I didn't want it to fall again as I was walking & I had to wait for about 15 minutes with the students all sitting on the bus staring out at me!!! LOL

I thought it might not be so bad because I had tights on, but when I got home I re-enacted it in the mirror as you do & yup you could clearly see my bright 'WISH YOU WERE HERE!!!! VS PINK!!!' underwear! I was sooooo embarassed.


Nov 3, 2007
These are funny. When I was in high school I bought this fitted silk top with spaghetti straps. It was a pretty tight fit so I didn't wear a bra, just those nipple covers. I guess we danced so much it started to pull too much and the strap was coming loose. The strap completely popped off in the front and the left side fell down exposing my entire boob. Luckily at that point we had gone back to some friends house and the only people that saw were my 2 best girl friends and the guy I was seeing.
These are funny! One of the guys who was there said he didn't even notice it so hopefully it's not as bad as I thought it was. It may have just been the folks sitting up front who noticed. Gawd I hope so!! I'm just glad I'm leaving this job! But what an impression to make!


Jul 10, 2007
Dallas, TX
I'm a teacher and one day, this school year, I was doing the usual routine. After the lesson, as my students worked, I stood beside my work cart and I felt something around my ankles. When I looked down, it was my skirt. I didn't even feel it fall down. I was mortified. I fixed myself immediately and most of my students didn't notice (luckily, they are only first graders). I tried not to bring attention to it but some did noticed. To my surprise, known of them said anything and we continued to go about our business.


Beauty is Within
When I was in HS I was a cheerleader, we were playing against our rival, the uniforms at the time for away games was like a leotard, tennis skirt combo of sorts, well I went into one of my flipping, jumping, kicking routines (looking back now, I would say I was really showing off) long story short mid air into a jump I lost my skirt.:roflmfao: The good thing first off was the leotard:yes: and secondly I was laughing so hard my self no one could have made me feel uncomfortable about it:lol:


Jan 14, 2008
luckily mine happened in the car, and only in front of my brother.

i had enjoyed a day of shopping in my fairly new (worn 5 times) jeans. i had kept my cell phone in the butt pocket which i usually don't do, which must have caused weird tension on the denim. i said bye to my friend and got back into my car, and thought my butt felt a bit weird but ignored it.

i picked up my brother and we got out of the car to run some errands, and suddenly my butt felt breezy. while i was wondering what was going on, my brother started laughing his head off and pointed out the 6" rip next to the butt pocket!

my mom recently told me about her wardrobe malfunction incident too. when she was in her 20s, she went to the beach in her tube top bikini and when she splashed out of the water, her top fell down and exposed herself to complete strangers!

that reminds me...i had a pool party last summer with a dozen friends. the guys and i were doing flips, dives, and cannonballs into the pool from the diving board. the band on my halter was a bit loose, and my bikini top flew straight up after one of the cannonballs! i hope nobody noticed because i fixed myself underwater...but i did excuse myself to change my bikini after that


Mar 30, 2008
This happens to me a lot.

I was walking through the mall and was wearing heels and wearing a dress. I slipped and my dress flipped up. Another time, I was presenting an oral presentation to my class in high school and my underwear was showing, in the front. At work a couple weeks ago, my pants split.