Wardrobe items you skimp on

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  1. I've heard that a good belt is an investment, but seriously, nobody ever sees my belt. I never tuck my shirts in, and it always covers what cheap belt I have on -- if I even have one on!

    I'm also not a sock person. You won't find cashmere socks in my drawer.

    What do you skimp on?
  2. Socks.
  3. Underwear. I'd rather have 20 cheap pairs that one expensive one.
  4. OMG YES!
  5. I had the exact same thoughts on belts until I bought one a couple of weeks ago to wear with my high waisted jeans that I tuck my tops in. Even though I don't wear this look too often, the belt completes this look and makes me feel so good!! It's a black Theory belt with 3 gold rings as the buckle, so pretty! :smile:
  6. I'm so glad it's not just me! My best friend thinks I'm crazy for buying cheap underwear & not always wearing matching sets! WHY WOULD I?!
  7. My daughter has a friend that loves to spend time in my closet when she comes over to play! Seriously...the girl is obsessed with shoes. One day they were in the closet, and I heard her ask my daughter where my lingerie was. I called from the other room that there wasn't anything impressive there...and after opening my drawer...she said, "sure isn't!!" It is pretty bad when your panties don't even impress a little kid!! Also...I maybe have 2 pairs of socks!! Nightgowns....are not a priority either!
  8. Pajamas--I usually wear DH's t-shirts
  9. I'd say sock and pjs too (I usually just get them from Old Navy and wear a tank top to bed).
  10. Me too! I always get my everyday socks from Old Navy!
  11. Oh, a lot of things. I don't even own a belt and I rarely wear socks, so all of mine are holiday ones w/ the exception of a few white pairs for the gym. I also skimp on lounging type clothes, pajamas and the list goes on!
  12. PJ's, socks, undies and sports gears...
  13. Same here!
  14. I skimp on:
    plain tank tops - I have a big stack of white tanks and a stack of black tanks ; I wear them under almost everything. I usually wreck them etc. so I don't spend much on them, maybe $5-10 per tank
    t-shirts - I only buy tees if they are on sale because I only really wear them if I'm heading to the gym or at home on a lazy day.
    leggings - I wear black leggings on fat days and I only buy them from places like Old Navy where they are under $10
    solid coloured scarves - I buy these for $5 on the streets of NY and I literally have a big pile in every different colour
  15. I don't tend to spend much on tee's unless there's a specific designer one I want. I can get great superfine cotton ones from Uniqlo for £7 ($14) and they wash and wear beautifully.

    I used to spend a fortune on underwear but now I go for comfort so it's good old M&S all the way....LOL!! I do love nice socks though and love the winter ones from Gap