Wardrobe/clothing with LV bags..question...

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  1. Well, I'm in love with the Tivoli PM...it will be a Christmas gift this year.

    I have a tiny LV monogram bag that I always used to carry around - no matter what outfit color...

    Would you/should(n't) you wear a monogram (original color) LV bag with a black outfit?
    I heard for years...Louie Vuitton goes with EVERYTHING and now I'm hearing from a few people otherwise. However some of them aren't fans of LV, so I'm not too sure...

    I always wore it with black heels...jeans..black tops...coats...etc...

    Is this a fashion fopa?
  2. C`Mon Ladies...I need your opinions. Haha! :balloon:
  3. I'm just trying to think of a reason why you WOULDN'T carry a mono bag with black. :confused1:
  4. Same here, totally confused!
  5. Haha. Well that makes me feel a whole of a lot better. I should have a very nice Christmas present on its way and to think not to wear it with black would make me so angry. I always have..but lately have been hearing otherwise.

    It's funny...any other brown (hate to say it, but..non-brand name) bag I would never wear with black and visa versa. Ha. So odd.

    Anyone else feel this way?

    But hopefully soon I have my Tivoli PM - I cant wait till Christmas haha. :smile:
  6. I wear my mono speedy with a black coat, black pants, black shirt, w/e! I think it looks great... the vachetta has a great contrast with the black and I really do think it goes with anything!
  7. Mono goes with absolutely any color you wear. Hands down, it is the most versatile pattern I can think of!

  8. because brown and black don't mix? :confused1:

    Personally, I carry mine with black sometimes. Now this makes me wonder if the Gucci brown canvas doesn't go with black? (since the gucci brown is lighter than the LV mono brown) :confused1:
  9. i understand ur thoughts...i've had the same ones! my husband has this strict no mixing brown and black rule, which has seeped into my subconscious and makes getting dressed difficult!:p i used to fear wearing my monogram bags with black, but have gotten over it. i find that if i'm wearing all black, wearing something with a brown or neutral tone (for instance, a big strand of marbled brown beads or neutral shoes) makes me feel better and makes the look more pulled together. there are still those rare occassions, however, that i find i need a black or more neutral bag because i think it looks better with my outfit:shame:
  10. I think we're making ourselves nuts...

  11. Well I'd have to agree with your husband, but for some reason when it comes to LV - I never thought twice about it (until now obviously. Haha). Not too long ago I wore black peep-toe heels, jeans, a black top and my hounds-tooth coat...with my little puchette bag. Didnt even think twice about it. Got many compliments that night too. Have pictures from that night and it doesnt even look weird to me. Its something about LV that I think is different. However I feel with a bigger bag - like the Tivoli PM...it may look weird with the same clothing choices.. Haha.
  12. Sshhh!!!! A tortoiseshell cat might overhear you!!

  13. well my dad bought an Lv damier geant today and its black with dark brown leather lol :biggrin:

    Black is my fav colour to pair mono with lol
  14. I love mono with black - it's a gorgeous, classy contrast. I think that mono is so can almost be a neutral. The only thing I can think I would not carry it with would be something very bright and flowery (like a Hawaiin print) or bright and geometric like a pucci print.
    I see where your husband is coming from with the brown/black issue - for years men had the black belt and shoes for certain shirts and pants and the brown belt and shoes for others. But I think times have changed - I have seen pictures in magazines that are gorgeous - chocolate brown pants and a black cashmere sweater - very rich looking.
  15. i wore mie with EVERYTHING... i mean everything LOL
    every colour, every style as long as they fit :yes: