Wardrobe Advice Needed

  1. Some of you may have read my thread over in the relationships section about a really awkward thing that happened to me. But, i'll summarize just in case: a guy friend thought i was into him bc of the way i dress and therefore gave me some lingerie as a gift. Gift was returned...blah blah blah but i just wanted an opinion on how i dress. I'm just gonna post pics of things i've bought lately and have worn around him and maybe ya'll could give me an idea as to if i do dress inappropriately or not bc his comment made me think.

    So, here's some of the stuff i've worn around him:

    I don;t think any of that is something i would wear if i was trying to get a guy interested in me! But what do u guys think, should i change my styles or what?
  2. No, don't change your style for someone else. Change your style only if you want to, for yourself....

    You have a feminine style, which stands out probably because most people dress so casually. I didn't read your other thread, but does he ever see you during the day, around other people? (I'm assuming this is how you normally dress, right?) If so, he shouldn't get the idea that you like him based on what you wear....
  3. i am a very casual person, so i probably wouldn't wear a dress around just a guy friend, if we were just hanging out with each other. but it all depends on your personality and style. i only wear dresses when i want to look a little cuter than normal.
  4. i like your clothes! i also didn't read the other thread, but if this is how you always dress, not just around him, then i don't think there is any reason to change. one other thing though...i know those clothes wouldn't look too revealing on me because i'm kinda flat chested and not tall. how do they fit you??
  5. Very nice clothes! My favorite is the purple one-shoulder dress. Just because you like to wear nice things doesn't mean you're interested in him! I think he's just interpreting things incorrectly.
  6. You dress fine. I like to dress up too. It takes just as long to put on a cute dress as it does a frumpy one!

    I wouldn't change my style because one guy has an active imagination. It's his problem, not your style.
  7. I don't think you should change your style. From what I see, you just like to dress girly-ish (which I don't normally). But every once in a while I'll want to look cute and dress up to, which is completely fine. I agree with bibounette97, he might just be reading too much into it.
  8. ^ agreed. he's reading too much into it. you shouldn't have to change a thing.
  9. Don't change a thing about yourself. This guy has problems IMO.
  10. Another thing, if you're a friendly person no matter how you dress it's almost inevitable that someone of the opposite sex will take it the wrong way. Same goes for men I know who are friendly.