Wardow Germany - Real or Fake Bags

  1. Hi all,

    I am curious, has anyone purchased a bag from Wardow? The Tod's bag (Carey Sacca Media, my dream bag in black) looks real, just like my brown one.

    But, I got a strange email response from them stating that they were out of the Carey Sacca Media in black, but could get some in 2 weeks. I thought it was strange because Tod's is no longer producing this bag (I assume), so how will they get some in 2 weeks? I don't know much about the retail industry...but I can't imagine that they are sitting in some wholesalers warehouse waiting to be bought and sold on-line. Or am I wrong?


    If these are real, the prices are great.

  2. yeah, i've seen this seller before, was wondering the same...
  3. bumpng this thread...
    just came across this site too...
    anybody has any feedback?? =)

    thanks ladies
  4. Hi I'm bumping this thread too...
    It kinda looks legit. It says they're certified with "Trusted e-Shops"
    but then again it's hard to tell
  5. Oh, now I want to know too! Anyone?
  6. umm the site looks like they sell real bags to me,,for the small number of brands they've got..
    but to make sure,check their return policy ,,so that if you buy it then you check if it is real or a fake ,you can still return it..
  7. haha.. yes the prices are good compared to other parts of the world (apart from Europe) anyways, it's just that it might be a hassle to return the bag if it turns out to be fake!
    I have come across 2 tpf-ers who responded to my PM and said that the site is geniune.
    I must say I am so tempted now!! =)
  8. I already bought several times at wardow and I am convinced the bags are real. Even returning goods is no problem at all.
  9. I wonder why some members PM you, why did they not write it here ??????
  10. welcome.

    please post some good pic and post them in the brand from the bag, you find the link here - this could help about real ore fake bags
  11. Oh, I certainly hope so. I want to order a Tods at Wardows and it costs 639 euro! Because of this amount, I am a little bit scared they would send me a replica anyway. Two weeks ago I bought a Mulberry Annie at Gallardo Fashion (788 dollar!!!), which I presumed to be authentic but happened to be a disgusting fake. Retail Price is 510 pounds, so I supposed they wouldn't send me a fake bag voor 788 dollar. However, I returned it to China two days ago ... which costed 69 euro and they have already refunded my 788 dollar. I certainly hope Wardows doesn't send me a stupid replica, because I don't like replica at all.
  12. I bought a Lady Dior at Gallardo two months ago. I paid $538 and thought it was real. I had bought a Ferragamo at Neiman's for $678 not long ago so I assumed this was an OK price. I got a horrible fake and the purse was broken. When I emailed them to return they said their return policy only allows return within 5 days of the purchase which of course had passed. I returned it anyway to the address they have online ( FedEx) and it came back to me because the address was wrong. I have emailed back and force with them and they are now offering another item for the same price for free. I have looked at their site and nothing caoughts my eyes, plus I believe everything they have now is fake, and a bad copy. you can better better quality copies in Canal street NY. I still have the Dior purse, but I will neer use it; it is that bad. Can someone shed some light on this. I dont want to through away 500K.
  13. Hi,

    someone from a german forum just mentioned the wardow page and I just checked it out. The pictures look pretty good and since they were also selling my Prada bag, I just compared the pictures to my bag (which I bought at the Prada store) and found some details that looked quite different. Therefore I'm pretty sure that they're selling fakes.
  14. Not necessarily...some Prada bags over in Europe are different than what are sold in the States. Wardow sells AUTHENTIC bags....
  15. I ordered a Piquadro backpack from Wardow while I was abroad in Cambodia. I just got home and viewed the bag. It looks amazing! After closer inspection and comparing it to the bag on the Piquadro site, I realize that the bag is fake. It's a VERY good fake, but a fake nonetheless. I am outside the return period, so I'm stuck with it. The difference is VERY minor and most would never recognize it. I'm not sure of the quality. I haven't had the opportunity to use it yet. I don't know about the other products on Wardow's site, but I would assume they are not authentic because mine isn't.