Waproo products (Australia)

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  1. Has anyone used the Waproo Water and Stain repellant spray? I'm thinking of trying it, but was hoping that someone may have experience with it.

    I wanted to get the Apple one but international shipping is crazy expensive, and then I've heard there is a problem with getting aerosols into the country

    Anyone in Australia with any recommendations, I would appreciate it!!
  2. Yes, I live in Australia and I use Waproo all the time. I can highly recommend it.
  3. That's great KDC, thank you

    BTW love your tag line... Bbag, jeans and thongs is pretty much my uniform
  4. Waproo!? Where can I get it!?

    Please, feed me some details!
  5. Waproo is a leather care company who do a Water and Stain repellant. I think you can buy it at any shopping centre cobblers and I'm sure there are other retaillers.
    Tooshies, do you use any products on your bags?
  6. Basically any "Mr Minit" shop (shoe & leather repairs) or any other cobbler...I also use the Waproo colour change solutions to repair any cracked paint on the edges of the 2nd hand bags I get...
  7. bern: I just use generic scotchguard on my baggies. But maybe I should use Waproo instead!

    KDC: "Mr. Minit"? Do all the Westfield malls have that inside?? They do repairs as well? Are they any good? The thing is, the stitching on the leather patch on one side of my City where the shoulder strap is connected is coming undone and I need the thread being reinforced. Do you think they can do stuff like that?

    By the way, girls, thanks for posting! I'd have never known....
  8. Tooshies: I'll let you know how I go with the Waproo.... I'm not sure about the Mr Minit stores and repairs, KDC may know

  9. Thanks, bern!!!:tup: I just don't know if I should send it to Artbag or LMB instead of going locally....:confused1:
  10. Thanks for the info gals!

    I have never heard of Waproo cos I usually sprayed my bags and shoes w/ TANA (courtesy of working at DJ Ladies shoes)

    Bern, please let us know how you go with Waproo..
  11. So I bought the Waproo, but chickened out on spraying it on a Balenciaga bag, so I've used it on a Witchery bag instead!
    I'll see how it goes (need to leave it overnight) and report back

  12. bern, how did you go with the Waproo? Have you tried it on your bbag yet? I'd be keen to give this a shot as well instead of Applegarde. Just as long as it doesn't cause any discolourations, etc.
  13. No problems with the Waproo on the Witchery bag, however it is charcoal in colour so I wouldn't expect to see too many problems. I'm gonna give it a go on my Black City... I'm so nervous though!!
  14. I used the Waproo on my White Day and Cinnamon Twiggy, and so far I'm really happy with it. I guess I'll just have to see how it goes over time.
    So far, so good!!
  15. oh, that's a relief to know your day and twiggy are alright! did you give it two or three coatings just like how you would with the Apple Garde?