Wappity for iPaq?

  1. I just bought an iPaq and want to get a case for it. Do you think the Wappity would suffice? Be nice to have the case match my Speedy :yes:
  2. I have an iPAQ and it does not fit in my wapity. (So, I bought a coach wristlet for it.) You might be able to fit it into a mini pochette accessoires...but I think it'd be a tight squeeze.
  3. I wish we could get Coach over here. When I was on the US in Nov. I bought SO much from there. Guess I'll just have to wait til i go to NYC in Oct. and try the wristlet. Anywhere I look on-line has nasty cases for them.
  4. whats ipaq?
  5. ^^^^ Wondering the same thing... :s
  6. Hewlett Packard PDA/pocket pc
  7. I have the Palm TX PDA and it doesn't fit either. :sad:
  8. It's waaayy too long. Might be better off trying the Mini Pochette? :shrugs:
  9. I have a Palm Tungsten E2 PDA and I use the "Poche Toillete 15" to hold it. You can look it up on vuitton.com. Measurements are 5.9" x 3.9" x 1.8". I also use the Poche Toillete 15 to hold extra cards & coupons and it works great!!! My Palm is 4.5" x 3" x .25" and fits in the Poche with no problems.
  10. ^^^Thanks for the idea, peace43!

  11. Your welcome!!! I also own a Coach PDA zipper case (which is actually very nice but I don't think they make them anymore but I got mine at the Coach outlet a few years ago) but I would rather use the Toillette 15 to hold my Palm PDA along with my receipts, etc. Everything in my LV bag (BH) is an LV accessory. (I'm such a snob!)