Wapity's Inside Pocket size- # cards fit?

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  1. I'm sick of carrying a bulky wallet around when I've realized that my essentials really consist of 5 cards (license, credit card, debit card, insurance card, another id), a few business cards, and cash. The lv website advertises the flat pocket as ideal for credit cards and business cards.

    So how many cards can the wapity's inside flat patch pocket really hold? As mentioned above, I need space for approximately 10 credit cards and cash.
  2. I looked through the Wapity Club thread and other wapity threads, but almost all of the pictures are of the exterior of the wapity. There was 1 picture of the inside of an empty wapity, 1 blurry pic of the inside of the wapity with stuff, and a couple pictures that displayed the items that can fit into the wapity shown alongside with the wapity.
  3. I have heard of people keeping a card or two in there, but I don't know about 10 of them. Hopefully someone comes along soon that can help you out.
  4. I have a wapity. Right now it has 2 lipsticks 3 lip glosses, 1 chapstick, a compact and 5 cc. And could still fit my pink razr phone in there.
  5. Ya, you can fit in at least 10 cards in the lil patch, so no worries!:yes: I also have a pic here, hope it helps!
  6. I dunno...I can only fit probably max 3 cards inside the wapity's interior pocket...in the main compartment 10 cards no problem!

    I would suggest the MC flat pouch MM or PM, that might be good for you since all you have are paper stuff...i think there is a zippered section in the MM for coin. you can also fit 10 cards in cles. If you get mono, damier, of perfo you'd have no problem getting 10 cards in there too!
  7. thanks for the info.

    just curious, do you think the wapity would fit into the recital?
  8. I carry about 10 cards in the wapity, notes and coins, lip gloss, small mirror compact and my cell phone.
    It's a great little piece and I love how it will just hang off the wrist or can be carried in the hand.
    I am thinking of getting the black MC one as well.:nuts: