1. Hi There

    I am very interested in purchasing a lv Wapity. They are soo cute. However, i am really not sure I would use it. Could someone tell me if they have one, when they use it and do they recommend it??:smile:
  2. I just ordered one and should be receiving it today, yay! I plan on using mine for credit cards, possibly my razr phone, and a few small items. People have said they use it for quick trips into a store, night out. I can't wait to get mine!!!
  3. I have one and I love it. I use it to hold my makeup in my purse most of the time but I also use it as a cute wristlet for a night out.
  4. i use it as a purse on its own when i don't feel like carrying a whole bag. i can fit my phone, money, cards and even lip gloss in it :yes:
  5. Camera case!
  6. I use mine for a camera case as well, it fits it perfect and maybe a little room for spare batteries
  7. Mine's primarily a camera case - but it's good for a night out on the town
  8. I currently use it for my Game Boy Micro, it fits multiple game cartridges and the earphones too.
  9. You all are making me want a Wapity even more now :lol:
  10. i keep it in my bag... i use it for gum/mints and a chapstick and then when i go on break i put my phone in too...
  11. I use mine everyday in my purse for makeup.
  12. I just got one for my camera, it's perfect!
  13. Ipod video fits in there nicely. No more earphones all over the bottom of your bag.