Wapity VS Mini Pochette VS Toiletry Pouch 15

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  1. Hi all,
    I'm looking at getting something before the increase ( meant to be waiting until June but 😂 oh well) I'm looking for something that can go in my bags as a catch all , for my phone charger, hair accessories , rail pass etc and I'm unsure what to pick ! I don't carry a huge amount but would love to have everything in one place :smile:
    I already have my Kusama cosmetic pouch which is gull everytime I use it! And I have an Eva and a pochette nm but prefer to use them as clutches so I've been thinking about :
    Mini pochette
    Toiletry 15

    Does anyone know if wapity is still available ? Particularly in the UK ?

    Also any pros /cons to any of the three listed ?

    Thanks as always ❤️
  2. Toiletry 15 would be good for what you want to use it for. The Wapity is on the presale market.
  3. I use my mini pochette daily! mostly for cosmetics, but it's great to use with phone, and other odds and ends.
  4. i would go with the mini pochette for what you need to carry. :smile:
  5. I vote for mini pochette or tp15 (I'm biased towards mini pochette - it's in my wish list!). The wapity is adorable but TINY. I bought one on yoogis and had to return bc it barely fit anything and when it did, it took forever to get anything out bc of the Tetris method of storing.. Even my id and cards were tough to get out of the card pocket so I imagine a rail pass would be the same. Good luck choosing! It's def a tough choice. I hope you'll share what you decide on!
  6. I say mini pochette and I believe the wapity is discontinued.
  7. the touletry would be nice :smile:
  8. The Wapity is cute but honestly, I think you'd be better off with the toiletry 15 or the mini pochette. I have all three of these (addict, much?! :sweatdrop:) and while I love them all, I would say that the mini pochette is probably most useful.
  9. I adore my mini! How big is your phone charger though? As some might not fit. Otherwise, it sounds perfect for your needs and can double a grab and go bag!

  10. I don't why but I'm not too keen on the mini pochette I don't know whether its because I have a pochette and eva?:nogood: It just never seems to hit my radar, having said that it might be more forgiving with bulky items.
    SoadyJones01 my phone charger is for an iphone 5s so not over massive but still big.

    Can anyone put some pictures up so I can put my feelers on the mini :lol:
  11. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392824234.937331.jpg

    I can't try it out with my charger for you as im not at home but I've taken these for another member a few days back and this all fits perfectly

    I have an Eva and pochette and still love this baby. Plus the bonus is that it fits inside the Eva :smile:

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  12. The 5s charger will fit in the wapity but there will not be room for much else :/
  13. My vote is for the tp15…good size