Wapity, trousse, or mini accesories pouch

  1. What one should I get? Mono Wapity or Damier Trousse or Mini Accesories Pouch? I just need a little something for inside my larger bags and to use on their own, if needed. Do you think that the trousse would look silly if I used it as an evening bag? I never see anyone with one. I know it's called a makeup case, so would it be funny to wear out as an evening bag?

    Also...why is the Damier Trousse more expensive than the Damier Accessories Pouch if it is smaller than the Pouch?
  2. I like the wapity or accessories pouch!
  3. I recently got a Pochette Accessories (regular size, not the mini), which definitely can be used on its own. I did get an extender to make the strap fit over my shoulder more comfortably. On an everyday basis, I use this within larger bags. I looked at the Mini in the store, and it is a lot smaller. It wouldn't have worked for me as a bag on its own. (I do still have that on my wish list, though, if they ever come out with it in Damier Trunks&Bags!)
  4. I love the wrapity. I'm hoping to get one in 2008!
  5. I vote for wapity too. I have read in a few other threads that people use them on their own for things or for cameras or in bags. I think it is very useful. I am hoping to buy one tomorrow.

    The other thing is the pochette accessories which can be a bag as Sarahsar said. I use mine only as a purse and not for just putting things in.
  6. Out of those 3 choices I'd choose the mini accessories pouch although I think the regular-sized accessory pouch is best / more useful all around.
  7. hey guys! thanks for all the input, ,I know many of you have said a normal pochette would be a good idea....I should have specified that I already have a mono pochette...
  8. I'm actually thinking of getting something small too..for things like my cell, ipod, lipstick, etc. I think the pochette accessoires is most practical for that. (I asked my dad to get me one while he's on vacation heheh. Hopefully he does.) The wapity seems really small.
  9. wapity for sure. its so cute. have you considered getting it in MC
  10. damier trousse. i love mine, i used to have really cute modeling pic of it (my server with all my pics crashed) but that little pouch is so underrated! i love it cuz it can go inside big bags and i can also bring it out with me for a night out if i don't want to bring a big bag...it fits my wallet, keys, cell phone, lipstick, + more i'm sure.

    and it is more expensive? did they up the price in the last increase? mine was $285...