Wapity Question

  1. I forgot to ask my SA yesterday, but I figured most of the members on this forum seem to know more. Anyway, does anyone know if LV will make the wapity in damier??? TIA
  2. Nope, but many of us want it! :hysteric:
  3. Nope, but we're still waiting for LV to release one in damier in the future (hopefully NEAR future).
  4. i think.. have in Multicolor and Monogram canvas????
  5. Would love one in damier - hope it comes out soon!
  6. yeah, they dont make one in the damier. i wish they did though..that would be so hot!
  7. Dito! :yes:
  8. I asked my SA about it... he said that he's going to a meeting in March and they'll tell him then what things they'll be making in the future... hopefully a Damier Wapity and an MC iPod Case will be on that list!!! :nuts:
  9. I thought there was an MC ipod case already? :confused1:
  10. judging from everyone on here the wapity is really popular so hopefully they will bring it out and Azur one would be so cute
  11. I would love a wapity in:

    Vernis, Epi, Damier, Damier Azur please.

    I'll be a good girl!! Promise! :cutesy: