Wapity question

  1. I see a lot of wapities (on PF) with 3 lvs on each row but on Elux, there's only 2? I'm confused -_-

  2. eluxury usually has a tendency to show/use pictures from the runway or prototype models.. therefore throwing off the fake-makers, and keeping costs down,etc. :smile: they at one point had pics of a speedy 25 for a speedy 35 or something like that, and on the white MC alma, used a pic with red LV's.
  3. What Jimmy said.

    If you see personal photos of MC wapitys with 2 LVs, then those would be the fakes...

    Take a look at the Uma ad with the MC Shirley. They LV symbols are placed much lower on the bag than they actually are. The placement on the fakes looks just like the one in the ad...but the authentic pieces have the LV somewhat centered!
  4. ^^ Like your Mini schnauzer by the way, I have one too =)

    Hm cool, I'll keep that in mind.
  5. ok i have a question.. am i dumb or am i just not seeing the date code? lol.
  6. I think there are red LV's on the white MC speedy on elux too..
  7. I notice the Saumur 30 picture on e-luxury is designed like the Saumur 35 which is no longer being made.
  8. In the wapity? I believe its embossed on the seam in the pocket in the piece - Pain in the A$$ :P
  9. yea no wonder i couldnt find it.. the alcantara is hard to see anything embossed as it is! lol.
  10. Yep, that photo in your original post is just a prototype photo.

    The MC wapitys have 3 LVs on each row.
  11. i was curious about this and did the live chat with "Samantha" at eluxury. here's a transcript of our conversation

    you: hi! can you tell me if all the multicolor wapity wristlets only have 2LVs across? or can they have three?
    Samantha: I'd be happy to check that for you!
    you: thank you!
    Samantha: Due to the cutting of the fabric, there may be more or less LV logos on this bag.
    Samantha: Please note that eLUXURY is owned by LVMH (Moet Hennessey - Louis Vuitton), which owns many of the world's most prestigious labels. We are therefore able to guarantee the authenticity of all products shown on our website.
    you: so it can be either?
    Samantha: It may be.
    you: from my experience, LV is very rigid about placement of logos and it is consistent
    Samantha: The Monogram Logos may vary from one item to another. It will depend on where the fabric is cut for the item.
    you: hmmm. ok. thank you.
    Samantha: You're welcome. Is there anything else I can assist you with today?
    you: no thats it. thanks!
    Samantha: Thank you for visiting. Please contact us at anytime.

    Aren't LV logos on the monogram bags consistently in the same place from one bag to another (if its the same style)??
  12. Yes, they are.
    If LV decides to change the pattern of a particular style, they will change all bags of that style to have the exact same pattern. For example, the bottom of the mono looping bag use to be cut with 2 swatches of fabric so that the LVs always looked right-side-up from both sides (the narrow sides). A few years ago, LV decided to use only one swatch of fabric for the bottom so that the LVs looked upside down on one of the narrow sides. Let's say that hypothetically, LV had decided to make that change in 2004. Therefore, all production of that particular bag from 2004 onwards would have that same new look. One would not see year 2006 production of that particular bag with 2 different alignments.

    I've personally never seen 2 bags of the same style (produced in the same year) with 2 different alignments.