Wapity...please vote!


Wapity...please vote!

  1. Black MC Monogram

  2. White MC Monogram

  3. Monogram

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  1. Ok, what color wapity would/did/will you buy?

    I have tons of black bags and I think black MC monogram would look beautiful with them! Or maybe white? What do you think?

    I am primarily buying it for my MP3 player but would def. use it as a wristlet.

    Thank you for checking out my post!
  2. I love the white MC, it would go with the cuteness of the wapity :amuse:
  3. I agree, white MC definatly, its soo adorable. (On my wish list!)
  4. I have the white and just love it!
  5. I have the regulare mono wapity...but the others are cute also!!! We are one Wapity loving forum...LOL!!! But they are all cute!!
  6. Thank you all for replying!

    Yes, we're one wapity-loving forum! LOL

    I like all of them, too! I always wanted a piece from MC line and since I don't think I'll ever buy a bag (I love them but it would be too much for me), so a tiny wapity is perfect! Now, black or white? I would have a heartattack if my white wapity got stained, so I think I'm going to go with black. Plus, I think it would look gorgeous with black bags if I were to just throw it in one.
  7. I have a monogram wapity too, and it goes well with a lot of my MC bags. But like Babylouis said, they are all super cute. You'll love it regardless of which color you get.
  8. i put my vote in for the monogram - but i seriously think that all of the wapitys are cute!!!!!
  9. Mono!
  10. white MC
  11. I vote for white mc. I have a bag in that color & I haven't found it to get dirty at all. It's going on 3 yrs. old. You can see it in my showcase.
  12. i'll be the rare black MC vote. i think it'll go better since you have alot of black bags.
  13. I vote for the white MC... but I also love the mono ~~~:shame:
  14. i have the white mc for my camera and i love it. its a great wristlet since it has a pocket for credit cards inside, and it also looks really cute hung off of larger bags. so, i vote mc.
  15. monogram. I'm not entirely fond of the MC....anymore that is.