wapity owners

  1. For those of you that just keep it in your bigger bags, what do you keep inside of it?? thanks
  2. when I get one I plan on keeping my camera in there, or maybe tweezers and nailclippers... little stuff
  3. I keep my camera, gum and ipod.
  4. My wife keeps her Sony Cybershot in it....
  5. it's a good camera bag!! it will also fit lipgloss along w/ the cam!
  6. I usually use mine to run errands, put my bankcards and credit cards, keys, lipbalm and small tube of hand cream. It fit a lot than I expected.
  7. I keep my makeup (compact, lip gloss, mascara) and keys
  8. OMG I can't wait to have my own one in a few weeks!!!
  9. I use mine to store my digital camera .... with extra room to spare. :graucho:
  10. money
    small pappers

    It fits A LOT of stuff
  11. can you use it for a makeup bag? Does a compact and lip glosses fit??
  12. I finally bought a Wapity!!! :yahoo: Wish I'd gotten one a long time ago now, but I kept hesitating and thinking I didn't really need one...

    I started off with my camera in it but I have a tiny camera just to carry in my bag and the Wapity was too big, so now I am putting in odds and ends like receipts, little packs of handi-wipes, gum, mascara, etc.

    For makeup, I use Bare Escentuals and it tends to get all over stuff no matter how hard I try to keep it contained, so I have that stuff in an actual cosmetic bag with cleanable lining.

    What I like best about it is that I can stick cash and CC in it along with my keys when I don't want to carry my bag somewhere and it's great as a wristlet type thing!
  13. I just started using my black MC Wapity, and sometimes it's for my camera, but mostly just for the odds and ends I don't want roaming around in my purse - pills, lipstick, gum, hair clips, small travel tubes of hand cream. And and lunch, if I'm not using a cles, I'll stuff some cash & my cards in it and use it at a clutch. I love having the colors pop out at me from inside my bag :p
  14. i keep my makeup in there when i put it in a bag
  15. i use it for my digital camera :smile: it's kinda wide for it but it's all good :smile: