Wapity owners...

  1. Are your wapitys made in france? I bought one today and mine is. Are they all made in France?
  2. Mine is. I was told all new items are originally made in France. After a piece has been sold for awhile they will be made in other countries. Who knows if the S/A gave me the correct information?
  3. Mine too so is the Saleya I just got
  4. Mine is as well. :P

  5. Yup, mine was made in France too.
  6. how nice that there is a louis vuitton made in france.
  7. Finally! An LV made in france!~ :biggrin:
  8. My multicolor wapity...made in France too!
  9. I have a mono wapity and it is made in France as well. I now deem it my Freedom Wapity. LOL
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  10. DArn, I like the red interior of the white MC wapity better. Mine has a dark brown interior or something.
  11. Aw man, I need to join the wapity club ! I'm jealous of all of you !! :biggrin:

  12. HAHAHA!!!!
  13. Yes you do!!!! Hurry:love:
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