Wapity owners, tell me about this cute little bag

  1. I'm thinking I will order the Mono Wapity from elux tomorrow - but want to be sure it's what I'm looking for. If you have one, can you tell me what all you can fit in it and how often you actually use it?

    Thanks, and happy new year!
  2. i had both the Monogram and white Multicolore Wapities, but then i sold the Monogram one because i thought the Multicolore was cuter. i love the Wapity; it can hold so much, and is great for when you don't feel like lugging an entire bag with you.

    here's what i can fit in my Wapity:


  3. ^^^wow it actually can fit quite a bit in there
    I love the white MC - does it get dirty? I thought the Mono would be good for me so that the dirt wouldnt show, but the white MC is so darn cute...
  4. There's an inside pocket in the Wapity, so I have all of my credit cards and license in the pocket. (It holds a lot!) And then, I carry my Razor cell, cash, lip balm and sometimes my Bluetooth earpiece in the main section of the Wapity. This little bag really holds a lot! I carry my Wapity out at lunch and leave my LV purse in the office. I have the Mono version but I think the black MC is really cute, but it's about $60 more than Mono.
  5. looks like it would fit a camera...like a camera case?
  6. I just bought one and is awaiting for it to be shipped to me. I'm going to use it as a camera case and also as a wrislet on the go! It's really cute... you should definitely get one!
  7. Oh.. I'm so in love with the black MC Wapity.. Gonna have to add it to my wishlist! :yes: I saw both colors at the boutique.. it was a little smaller than expected IRL. I still want it though! I plan on using it for a digital camera case too or just an insert into a bigger hand bag. Good luck with your decision!
  8. I have the white MC wapity and I never use it. To me, its totally useless. :crybaby:
  9. I have the same situation ^^ I had it in white MC but didn't find that it fit even my keys well. (I might be a bad 'packer!') So I sold mine too... but it is so cute!! If it works for you, it is great!
  10. i don't own one
    but IRL, i touch it and feel it

    very cute and lovely, i already have bought both Mono and MC one if my BF haven't stop me
  11. It could fit a relatively thin camera.

    I can fit my ID, a debit card, a bill, my keys, lip gloss, and cell phone in it. I have the mono.

    I love it. I use when I need to run out of the house someplace quick, to organize little stuff in my bigger bags, and I plan on using it as a wristlet when I go clubbing.
  12. It really is adorable in white...I love it and when I see those pics I want one. But I don't think I would use it much. I NEVER go out without a good size bag - just always want my stuff with me all the time. But ohhh so cute....
  13. wow nice little bag whats the retail price?
  14. 275 for mono, 335 for multicolore.
  15. hm, i use coach little cosmetic barrel bag for the same purpose you use your wappities. they are a fraction of the price and then you can have a whole load of colors.