Wapity owner: when/where do you use it?

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Miss Luana

Just go for it
Dec 28, 2007
Hi there,

I really like the Wapity Case. I dont know if its because of its shape or if its because you can wear it as a wristlet...

Before getting one, I was wondering when/where do you use it.

Is it more of a wristlet for you (à la Kim K.) and is the perfect accessory for a night out dancing


Do you just use it as a purse organizer (I already have a pochette florentine).

Do you find it roomy ?

Any feedback / pros / cons are appreciated!



Dec 10, 2008
I absolutely :heart: my Wapity!

I use it mainly as a camera case on a daily basis. It fits my camera (Canon SD something or other) perfectly. I use the little pocket inside for additional memory cards.

I've used it for going out as well. You can put your ID and CC's in the pocket. My iPhone will fit without a case, but then not much else will.

I also use it sometimes to hold tampons and other small items.

It's def. one of my favorite SLG's! I think it's super versatile and it makes me smile every time I see it! HTH!


Feb 9, 2010
Alberta, Canada
I LOVE my Wapity case.. I use it as a wristlet, as well as just another little organizer in my larger bags, although I have options to use a pouchette and/or a zippy. I have seen them used on belts (just looped through) or as camera cases.. on an evening out.. very chic. because its not at all heavy even when its got all that stuff in it.
With regards to room, you'd be surprised.. I took mine to the zoo the other day, had my debit cards/creditcards/license in the slot.. bandaids, lip gloss, a small tube of concealer from mac cosmetics, a small tube of shea butter hand cream, and a little bottle of aromatherapy.. change/money.. haha.. its a lot of stuff.. I have held all those cards in the slot, my ipod, keys money and lip gloss.. its never completely stuffed but its definetly roomy for all those little things....
I absolutely love my case.. and everyone who see's it loves it too.. I got the monogram and the bold raspberry lining is so pretty.. I call it my little baby.. once you get it you'll see all the uses and just adore it, I seriously believe its one of my favorite pieces. I havent found any cons..


Feb 10, 2007
I love my MC Wapity. I use it mainly for my camera, and I keep it with me in my purse all the time. It's a very versatile piece!


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Apr 19, 2006
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