Wapity or Zippy Coin Purse?

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  1. I am hoping to get my first LV soon,had a hard time deciding and I was left with these 2 to decide. Wad do you think?

    I dun hav much stuff to carry,juz some small change loose coins...and most importantly! Can fit into my pocket or juz hold in my hand.

    I am a guy..though..hahaha

    My O lvls are ending next week...so needa reward myself hahha...probably with a LV =)

    I would not mind if you can suggest any more small items.I dun wanna spend too much juz on a LV alone..still hav lots of others to buy..haha..so budget would b ard there.Unless I can find something better:supacool:

    TIA :p
  2. Zippy. Far more convenient and perfect for a guy.
  3. Hmm..ok 1 vote for Zippy...

    I thought of getting something like a clutch,but not too feminine
  4. I would get the Zippy.
  5. I am a guy and I have a wapity in mono
    it is really practical and many uses
    I vote wapity
  6. Zippy.. more practical!
  7. Zippy Coin Purse!! Much more useful! Pics of mine that I got a few days ago...
    DSC02314.JPG DSC02315.JPG
  8. If you want to keep it in your pocket, then I suggest the zippy ...

    wapity would be too bulky.
  9. i saw wapity and get the MC one cuz i don't really like monograms hehe
  10. I definitely think the zippy !
  11. Get the zippy it holds on ton! I have one and love it.
    007 sml.jpg 008.JPG
  12. I'm kind of having buyer's remorse over the Zippy. I'm not a fan of Monogram...but I just don't have the patience to wait around for a Damier version. It seems so wasteful to buy something that's supposed to last while knowing that I'm not going to use it if I can get my hands on the same thing in a different material...
  13. 8 Votes Zippy

    2 votes wapity...
  14. zippy coin case! I want one too!
  15. I vote for the zippy coin wallet, I love mine!!