Wapity or Pochette?!?!

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  1. Can't decide which one to get. I am looking for a little purse for the night time at Vegas but I want it also to fit in my Speedy 30 ( I love bags within bags!!). I have larger upper arms, so I am not sure if the pochette will fit over my shoulder. I am 5'10 and 170 lbs. So, I wonder if the wapity would be better. I could just put it around my wrist. Could you also wear the pochette around the wrist or is it mainly a shoulder purse?

    Just wanted your opinion on this. I appreciate it!! Thanks.

    oh and I am looking at the cerises pochette or the MC black wapity. Thanks again!!
  2. i wear my pochette as a wristlet...that strap is able to come off on one side.
  3. What are you wanting to put in it? For me I would do the Pochette only because my BlackBerry would not fit in the Wapity and I like to keep my money/cards in either my Ludlow or Cles. I use my Wapity for my digital camera.
  4. I say Pochette. You can also get the extender for the strap, or get creative and make your own!

    Wapity is great but I don't ever carry my wapity by itself.
  5. pochette..:tup:
  6. I say go with the pochette. It fits more stuff
  7. I have a black MC wapity and it is a lot smaller than I expected it to be. I can fit my iPod in it, or probably my camera. It would be a really cute little wristlet to carry around if you don't need to carry much...just make sure what you DO need to carry fits inside.
  8. i just got the mc white wapity and i love it!!!! BUT it will only fit bare essentials~ on the other hand, the pochette seems plain and boring. why don't you look into the eva? the shape is much cuter~ and it has this gorgeous gold chain!
  9. My Wapity (which was stolen from my office this weekend) was pretty small. It wasn't long enough to hold my Chanel Glossimers, which are my favorite. I'd also say go with the pochette.
  10. I prefer the Pochette.
  11. I say pochette! I saw somewhere online, that Vuitton had a new longer chain extender, that can be used on the pochette!
  12. I say pochette! It holds more and I use mine as a wristlet. I'm not a big fan of it being an "armpit bag". But the Juicy Couture bracelet is a good idea! I might consider getting that too!
  13. Pochette!