Wapity or Pochette?

  1. I just got the mini pochette accessoires, but think it's a little too small. (and a little fancier for just bumming around)!
    I'm trying to decide on the bigger pochette, or the wapity to carry my bare necessities.
    What's better?! :smile:
  2. Get a Pochette, the wapity is more like the mini pochette you obiously need a bigger bag so the pochette is best for you:yes:
  3. I recently purchased the Damier and Azur Pochette Accessoires. I love them!!! The size is perfect for the weekend when you don't feel like dragging around a big bag to run errands. I have never tried out the Wapity, but the folks here seem to describe it as pretty small.
  4. I have them both, and the pochette holds more, but the wapity is so much cuter!
  5. I just got the white mc wapity as well as the black mc pochette. The wapity is simply adorable- I took it to the movies last night & it was perfect. My phone doesn't fit inside though. The pochette is plenty big for my "basic" necessities. I thought about getting a white pochette and selling the wapity but it is just too cute to sell! I'm using it as a makeup bag now. Get both! :yahoo:
  6. I like the Pochette! Although the wapity would be much cuter for storing accessories, it may be too small.
  7. i agree!
  8. Pochette.
  9. pochette!!!!!!!!!!
    i love mine

    but- then -- I have never touched or seen a wapity so i would not be able to compare!
  11. Pochette
  12. Another PFer showed pics of the Macao clutch, its like a wapity but in damier and larger. It has compartments inside, a zip on the outside, a wrist strap and will definitely hold a cell phone. I thought it was fabulous but I'm not sure if it's out yet in the USA. Go to the main Louis Vuitton website (if not on eluxury) for a look.

    The pochette looks like a bag but the Macao clutch doesn't, but I loved the look of it all the same.
  13. I LOVE my pochette.
  14. I have both. got the white MC wapity first. It all depends on what purpose you want it for. The wapity imo is just cuter a cuter version of the mini pochette in clutch form. I like mine a lot. Its great for a quick grab-and -go for errands, the gym, or whereever. I would go with wapity if you want a wristlet type thing. The pochette is more formal IMO and more purse-like. It definitely holds more than a wapity and would be a better choice if you are looking for something to use as a purse. I love both!!
  15. i have both too, if i'm bumming around (running errands,movie, casual date night) and only carry cash, debit card, lipgloss, cellphone and keys I use my wapity (white MC).

    If i'm going out to the bar or party I use my pochette (azur and mono) as they fit more (all the things I carry in my wapity + digi cam and some other stuff) and a bit more dressier IMO.