Wapity or pochette accessories?

  1. Would appreciate some advice please :rolleyes:

    I want to buy a small item for lipsticks, my compact, aspirin, etc. to put inside my larger bag for day to day use, but I would like the piece to also be usable as a clutch for when I just need a small bag.

    Which do you think would be more suitable? Wapity or pochette accessories? Probably looking at mono if that makes a difference to anyone's suggestions (but it's not written in stone!)

    Thank you! :yes:
  2. Both are super cute....wapity:


    and pochette accessoires:


    for me, it's the PA hands down. At those prices, I need versatility and the pochette is surprisingly versatile to hold a lot when you need it and look good when you just need a few essentials. It's a very generous 8" x 5". I often just throw it in a larger bag when I'm too lazy to switch everthing out back into my wallet.

    Good luck with your decision!
  3. I love the wapity, it's just so cute! But I think the Pochette is more practical, because you can just use it as a cute little bag! It's such a hard choice!
  4. I would go for the pochette accessories. I use mine primarily as a clutch, but definitely will hold all your makeup. The wapity is a bit small but very cute.
  5. I have the mini pochette and love it...use it for my camera. I had the wapity, but sold it. It's just too small.
  6. Thanks guys! :smile: I guess the consensus is a pochette accessories!
  7. I have the pochette and its a perfect bag. I use it to hold my wallet, 2 phones, lipgloss, powder, mascara and my cigs .... It holds so much and still look pretty.

    I'm going to buy a wapity really soon, just because I love the style and it is a perfect bag for either a camera or just the essential make-up, but I don't think it is big enough to hold all the stuff you use every day.
  8. Yup, definitely go for a Pochette.
  9. Thanks to Sofiekdk & John 5 too! Now I just have to decide for sure which line I want the pochette from. Hmmm...one of each?? ;)
  10. i would go with the wapity.
  11. Pochette if you want to use it as a bag you can put on your shoulder. The Wapity is nice for putting in a larger bag, not really as an extra bag.
  12. I'd get the wapity.
  13. i would go for the pochette since it can hold a lot. i also have the wapity.... havent used it though. when i use my noe, i always put the pochette inside so it can hold my pens and other accessories. if i need to go to the grocery or something, i just take the pochette since it can hold my purse and my phone and car keys.
  14. No question, get the pochette. It holds a lot more. Plus you can use it as a clutch.

    I have one and I use it every day inside my purse.

    Plus if want you can buy a longer strap for it.
  15. Go with the pochette!