wapity or mini pouchette

  1. which one would be better to keep in your bigger bag with makeup and also take out sometimes when you just need a small little bag? thanks
  2. i would go for wapity cos i want one myself but when u said can be used as a small bag then a mini pochette.

    i personally will not get the mini pouchette cos my friend's MP chain broke when her daugther played with it once. so knowing i'm always in a hurry i may accidently break the chain if i'm not careful.

    how about the regular pouchette instead of the mini?
  3. Mini Pochette would be my choice. My lipgloss doesn't even fit in my wapity because it's too long. ARG. Go with the mini pochette!
  4. I'd go for the mini pochette, it just seems nicer as like a bag inside a bag kind of thing, and I also love the gold chain - perfect for hooking onto d-rings !
  5. I would get a Mini Pochette in this case. ;)
  6. i really love my mini pochette. it is a pretty wristlet if i'm just running out )fits chapstick, razr, $, cards, etc.) and is great inside a purse- connect it to the d ring or just let it float around!
  7. I totally recommend the pochette accessories actually.
  8. I like the Wapity better, but if you're going to keep it in your bag, I'd go for the mini pochette, there are usually D-ring that you can you to attach the chain to!!!
  9. My vote is for the Wapity .... it is too cute .... and has a wristlet for easy carrying. :yes:
  10. Mini pochette gets my vote-
  11. mmm mini pochette but much prefer Pochette Accessories
  12. Mini Pochette!
  13. Mini poch!
  14. i love my Multicolore Wapity. i use it sometimes when i go out at night, or when i just don't feel like carrying a whole bag out with me
  15. As much as I want a wapity. I love my azur mini pochette. Its perfect for carrying just a few needed items.