Wapity: Monogram Canvas or Multicolore?

  1. Right now I'm selling my Monogram Mini Digital Cover on eBay, and I'm hoping with all my might, and with fingers and toes crossed, that someone will buy it, because I'm dying to get the Wapity as soon as I get paid for the Digital Cover :P. I never fancied the Wapity much, but it's popped up on this forum so many times that now I'm in love with it :love:. So now I have 2 questions:

    1. Should I get it in Monogram Canvas or Multicolore (white)? Sometimes I think I'll just be greedy and get both, for all seasons :shame:.

    2. How much can it actually fit? Can anyone post pictures of their Wapities and tell/show me what you can fit in there?
  2. I would get the monogram canvas. I have lipstick, lipgloss, ID, gum, keys.
  3. I have the white MC wapity. Its so adorable, I love it!
  4. i just had a horrifying thought :amazed:. i want a Wapity so badly now that i might just buy it whether or not i'm able to sell my Digital Cover, in which case i'd be stuck with my Digital Cover and never use it because i'd be using the Wapity all the time :worried:.

    oh god, i hope someone buys the Digital Cover. i should have returned it before eLuxury's 60-day guarantee was up :cry:/
  5. Get the one you like better or the one you have more bags to match with :smile: If you still can't decide...then get both! They're too cute.
  6. I have the monogram canvas and absolutely love it!!!

    I'd love to add the multicolore though also... either way I think it is a win win situation!
  7. mc
  8. yes, the multicolor is so adorable but I sometimes wish I had gotten the mongram canvas too!!
  9. I have the black MC and I absolutely love it :love:
  10. OOppss, forgot to post a pic of mine. It holds my ID, cc, cell phone, keys, lipgloss. It may look small but you'll be surprised.
  11. i had the white, and reurned after a month cuz i never used it. its cute though.
  12. bonjour, I've bought mine saturday in the LV boutique of Toulouse (in the south/west of France). I've taken the MC Black, It is less dirtying I think.
    All my LV are in mono (except one epi petit noé) but this wapity is too cute in MC, I'm very classical in my choices but there I made an exception.
    I put inside keys, lipstick, phone and some other little stuffs. It's not as big as the Pochette accessoires, of course, but it's different and that makes its own charm.
  13. I really like it in MC, but after hearing CandiceLovesBlythe's horror story about the MC colours coming off, it's a tougher sell.
  14. Monogram canvas gets my vote