wapity...min lin? damier? huh?

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  1. I would LOVe a wapity in mini lin. Then I would actually get one.
  2. interesting.
  3. Those pics actually make me not want a wapity! :push: Though a wapity in Damier would be a cool SO.....
  4. uggh. structure on those wapitys is so uneven.
  5. I'm confused. :shrugs:
  6. bleh! :yucky::throwup::throwup::throwup:
  7. ew......................GROSS
  8. yikes...:sick: :throwup:
  9. well, too bad. a real one would have been cool.
  10. These people are so creative! :roflmfao: At least I now know what a damier wapity would look like...
  11. ewwwwwww...... :throwup: it cracks me up how light the piping on the damier is!
  12. Damier an Mini Lin in vachetta???

    Eww! gross fakes!
  13. I like the last line in the "Damier" listing:

    Our goods are of mostly high quality and totally brand new.

    *Mostly* high quality?? Nasty!! :wtf:
  14. And totally brand-new as opposed to slightly brand new?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.