Wapity like Balenciaga, Where?

  1. Hi. Saw a thread regarding wapity like Balenciaga. Its so cute! LVR calls it 'Toilet Case'. Where can I get one? How much is it? I read one PFer bought it in Theresa...Where is Theresa?:upsidedown:
  2. sorry, but whats wapity?
  3. ummm, are we talking Balenciaga here??? or LV??? hehehehe!
  4. I'm confused. :upsidedown:
  5. it's balenciaga, but the shape is like lv wapity. someone in this forum had it, but i can't seem to found the thread.i've nerver seen it IRL too
  6. Theresa is store here in Munich and I paid 255 Euros. It's bigger than tthe LV wapity because it's higher and deeper. Theresa just had it in grenat but that's a couple of week ago they might have different colours now. They ship as well so here's the phone number:0049-89-224845
  7. So cute! What are the dimensions of this bag?
  8. Sorry for being dumb but what's the price in US dollars?
  9. Thanks so much Freetoes!!!!
  10. You're welcome!
  11. THanks for the info, girls.
  12. I need this :nuts: I called SO many stores and can't find anyone who will be carrying it (including Bal-NYC)!!